Friday, February 23, 2018

Fire win again in ASNL Championship

Fire Service were the only Courts All Sectors

Netball League (ASNL) team to secure full points

in the Championship Division on Tuesday, when

they edged San Juan Jabloteh 36-35 in a strong

comeback after trailing by five goals at half-time

at the Eastern Regional Indoor Sporting Arena in


And in the battle of the Armed Forces, Defence

Force could not separate themselves from Police

despite having led at the end of quarters two and

three, as the match ended in a 40-all stalemate.

In the Fire Service/Jabloteh encounter,

Jabloteh’s goal shoot Debra Bain netted a matchhigh

30 goals from her 48 attempts in a losing cause.

The other five goals went to goal attack Samantha


Jabloteh led at the end of the first three periods,

taking the first 10-7, before stretching that lead

to 23-18 at the halfway stage. And at the end of the

third, that advantage had been closed to within a

goal, but Jabloteh were still ahead 29-28.

Fire’s goal shoot Aquila Blugh and goal attack

Nariba Grant scored 18 goals each from 27 and 35

attempts, respectively, to ensure victory for their


Defence Force got 34 goals (49 attempts) from

goal shoot Melissa Snags, six (16) from goal attack

Cheryl Millington and a two-goal advantage with

one quarter left.

But goal shoot Patrice Goring rescued Police in

the final period, and her 39 goals (52) helped knot

things up. Goal attack Donnessa Wickham added

the other crucial goal.