Saturday, February 24, 2018


WICB considers ditching Colleges team

West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) CEO Michael Muirhead says his Board is considering axing Combined Campuses and Colleges (CCC) from their regional tournaments next year.

Muirhead said the WICB had taken no decision yet on CCC’s exclusion from the WICB tournaments, including the WICB Regional Super 50 to be hosted in Trinidad and Tobago in January and the WICB Regional Four-day tournament.

That issue and the discussion about the CCC’s future in the tournament will be discussed at the Board’s meeting on December 7.

Asked directly if the CCC, which first debuted in WICB tournaments in 2007, would be omitted from WICB tournaments, Muirhead said: “It (the decision) is not finalised and nothing is cast in stone but it is certainly trending that way. It is a decision we (the WICB) will make next week.”

CCC was the beneficiary of a WICB $US 50,000 grant under former president Julian Hunte back in 2012, a grant similar to what the WICB awarded to the six territorial boards on an annual basis for the purposes of aiding the development of cricket.

“The CCC programme, in a very significant way, aids us in ensuring that some of our best talents do not have to compromise their education for cricket or vice versa,” then WICB president, Dr. Julian Hunte said, “The (CCC) programme has become one which is at the forefront of global cricket as successfully merging formal higher education with cricket. The CCC programme has become integral to the development of West Indies cricket since it was conceived in 2007.”

Muirhead said the discussions will also center around measures to encourage territories to contract the players from the current CCC squad.

“We are going to be encouraging the territories. We want the best players to be playing regardless of what teams they are with. So we want to encourage other teams to invite many of the CCC players to be part of their team and drafted into their teams and we’ll be looking at ways to motivate them (the six territorial teams) to do that,” he said.

But Muirhead specified one of the many factors that may lead to the withdrawal of the CCC.

“The decision may come because of commercial reasons, and we (the WICB) want to take a different slant in our cricket,” Muirhead said, “but there are certainly many other reasons.”

Muirhead did not identify those other reasons but said; “ We certainly want to develop our cricket in a more structured way and there is a new director of cricket (Englishman Richard Pybus, the former Pakistan coach) on board and he is looking at elevating how we develop our cricket. He will be helping with implementation to the board with a view to moving us up in the cricket ranking in the longer version and as a matter of fact, all versions of the game.”