Friday, December 15, 2017

Gomez, Bramble star in second Track League

While Team DPS’ Jovian Gomez completed a strong weekend on Sunday with the super elimination/eight laps double in the Trinidad and Tobago Cycling Federation’s (TTCF) second Track League for 2014, Keron Bramble of Rig Tech Sonics was also making his mark on the Arima Velodrome track.

In the super elimination, endurance rider Gomez again edged out Akil Campbell (Sonics), while Jymes Bridges of Team DPS finished third.

And before that, Gomez had enough steam to ensure he beat Sonics duo Barry Luces (second) and Bramble (third) over eight laps.

But in between those performances, Bramble had his way, snatching the Elite I&II four-lapper, as well as the elimination. In the former, he outclassed veteran Michael Phillips, riding for Mike’s Bikes, and Gomez, who were second and third respectively. Gene “Geronimo” Samuel was fourth.

Bramble also soared past Joshua Alexander (Team DPS) and Gevan Samuel (The Braves), who settled for second and third in that order in the elimination.

Phillips, however, would not be bested in the sprint, edging out Sheldon Ramjit.

Among the Ladies, the events were split, with Bike Smith’s Keiana Lester (sprint), Arima Wheelers’ duo of Cheyenne Awai (four laps) and Aziza Browne (500m) and Mike’s Bikes cyclist Tamiko Butler (Elimination) all topping the podium.

Campbell doubled up among the Juniors in the 500m and four-lap events, as did Tinymite Jabari Whiteman (two laps, 500m) of Southclaine.



Super Elimination (Open)

1. Jovian Gomez (Team DPS) 2. Akil Campbell (Sonics) 3. Jymes Bridges (Team DPS) 4. Marc Codrington (Slipstream) 5. Joshua Alexander (Team DPS) 6. Barry Luces (Sonics)

4 Laps (Elite I&II)

1. Keron Bramble (Sonics) 2. Michael Phillips (Mike’s Bikes) 3. Jovian Gomez (Team DPS)

Elimination (Elite I&II)

1. Keron Bramble (Sonics) 2. Joshua Alexander (Team DPS) 3. Gevan Samuel (The Braves)

8 Laps (Elite I&II)

1. Jovian Gomez (Team DPS) 2. Barry Luces (Sonics) 3. Keron Bramble (Sonics)

500m (Elite III)

1. Jymes Bridges (Team DPS) 2. Roger Malco (Team Foundation) 3. Kenverne Braithwaite

3 Laps Win & Out (Elite III)

1. Jymes Bridges (Team DPS) 2. Cowin Thomas (Sonics) 3. Nicholas Lopez (Madonna Wheelers)


1. Michael Phillips (Mike’s Bikes) 2. Sheldon Ramjit (Hummingbird) 3. Jonathan Harding (Slipstream)



1. Keiana Lester (Bike Smith) 2. Aziza Browne (Arima Wheelers) 3. Joy-Abigail John (Arima Wheelers)

4 Laps

1. Cheyenne Awai (Arima Wheelers) 2. Aziza Browne (Arima Wheelers) 3. Tamiko Butler (Mike’s Bikes)


1.  Aziza Browne (Arima Wheelers) 2. Keiana Lester (Bike Smith) 3. Kollyn St George ( Slipstream)


1. Tamiko Butler ( Mike’s Bikes) 2. Keiana Lester (Bike Smith) 3. Joy-Abigail John (Arima Wheelers)



3 Laps (70+)

1. Barry Edghill (Madonna Wheelers) 2. Joey Nunes (Hummingbird) 3.  Lennox Parris (Southampton)

2 Laps (50-59)

1. Robin Samuel (The Braves) 2. Simon Spicer (Sonics) 3. Desmond Roberts (Team PSL)

2 Laps Win & Out (50-59)

1. Michael Brown (Team PSL) 2. Robin Samuel (The Braves) 3. Martin Wharwood (Hummingbird)

2 Laps (40-49)

1. Ancil Roberts (Sonics) 2. Roger Simon (Knight Riders) 3. Joel Johnson (Southampton)

2 Laps Win & Out (40-49)

1. Cecil Hackett (Bike Smith) 2. Ancil Roberts (Sonics) 3. Geoffrey Harper (Sonics)



1. Akil Campbell (Sonics) 2. Nevin Malco ( Bike Smith) 3. Sei Daniel (Arima Wheelers)

4 Laps

1. Akil Campbell (Sonics) 2. Sei Daniel (Arima                       Wheelers) 3. Kasim Charles-Walcott (Madonna                                                                                                                          Wheelers)

500m (Ladies)

1. Jhordan St. George (Slipstream) 2. Chenelle Walcott (Bike Smith) 3. Dominique Lovell (Arima Wheelers)

2 Laps (Ladies)

1. Dominique Lovell (Arima Wheelers) 2. Jhordan St George (Slipstream) 3. Chenelle Walcott (Bike Smith)



2 Laps

1. Jabari Whiteman (Southclaine) 2. Aaron Alleyne (Sonics) 3. Justin Baptiste (Slipstream)


1. Jabari Whiteman (Southclaine) 2. Tirik Primus (Arima Wheelers) 3. Aaron Alleyne (Sonics)



4 Laps

1. Chaquille Henry (Arima Wheelers) 2. Akim Constantine (Knight Riders) 3. Nicholas Paul (Sonics)


1. Chaquille Henry (Arima Wheelers) 2. Nicholas Paul (Sonics) 3. Brandon Gittens (Sonics)



U-9 Boys (Race 1/R1) – Elijah Moses (Bike Smith); U-9 Boys (R2) – Elijah Moses (Bike Smith); U-11 Boys (R1) Alexander Seyjagat (Arima Wheelers); U-11 Boys (R2) – Matthew Hinds (Bike Smith); U-13 (R1) – D’Angelo Harris (Sonics); U-13 (R2) – D’Angelo Harris (Sonics); U-13 Girls (R1) – Rynelle D’Abreau (Arima Wheelers); U-13 Girls (R2) – Sylese Christian (Sonics)