Sunday, December 17, 2017

Honours shared in Ventures junior tourney

 There were four different winners of the four divisions when the First Citizens Ventures Junior Indoor Hockey Tournament concluded at the Woodbrook Youth Facility, Sunday. 

Paragon won the Girls Under-18 competition with a 2-0 result over hosts Ventures when Felicia “Chunky” King fired a double. 

Ventures would not go title-less however, as their Under-23 team rallied to a 3-1 win over Paragon to secure that crown. 

On the male side, Fatima claimed the U-18 Boys title with a 2-1 penalty shootout win over Paragon, while Notre Dame hammered Fatima 7-1 for the U-23 title. 

Special awards went to the MVP U-23 Girls,  Jade Piper (Ventures) while Kelly Francis (Paragon) was named Most Promising for that division. 

Che Modeste (Fatima) was named MVP in the U-18 Boys division, while Kellon Skerrette (Paragon) was identified as the Most Promising player. 

The Girls MVP in the U-18 division was  King (Paragon) with  Cian Lue Sue (Ventures) taking the Most Promising award. 

Among the U-23 boys, Andrew Vieira (Fatima) was the MVP while the Most Outstanding player was  Aidan de Gannes (Notre Dame). 

Final Results:

Under-18 Girls – Ventures 0 vs Paragon 2 Felicia “Chunky” King (2)

Under-23 Girls Ventures 3 vs Paragon 1

Under – 18 Boys – Paragon 3 vs Fatima 3 (Fatima won 2-1 on a penalty shootout)

Under 23 Boys – Notre Dame 7 vs Fatima 1


Honour Roll

Most Valuable-U-23 Girls-Jade Piper (Ventures)

 Most Promising — Kelly Francis (Paragon)

MVP-U-18 Boys — Che Modeste (Fatima)

Most Promising — Kellon Skerrette (Paragon)

MVP-U-18 Girls — Felicia “Chunky”  King (Paragon)

 Most Promising — Cian Lue Sue (Ventures)

MVP-U-23 Boys — Andrew Vieira (Fatima)

Most Outstanding —  Aidan de Gannes (Notre Dame)

All Stars Teams:

U-18 Girls-Sara-Marie Thomas (GK) , Cian Lue Sue, Lisa Benjamin, Felicia “Chunky” King, Gabrielle Thompson

U-18 Boys-Che Modeste, Marcus Pascal, Kellon Skerrette, Joshua Olton, Kwasi Emmanuel (GK)

U-23 Boys-Aidan de Gannes, Andrew Vieira, Shaquille Daniel, Jordan Vieira, Lorenzo Lodai (GK)