Saturday, February 17, 2018

Improving Alexander gearing up for 2013

It's going to be a building year for Quincy Alexander in 2013.

The youngster, who turned 19 on Saturday, is gearing up for international competition in line with his Olympic 2016 ambitions.

The earliest return to international competition for Alexander, who is recover from a "minor injury" as his manager and uncle Robert Farrier put it, is the upcoming Pan American Championships, which pedal off on February 5 in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

But Alexander, who became a senior rider last year, is not yet confirmed for the event.

"We're still uncertain if he will be ready for that," Farrier told the Express yesterday. "So we're not really pushing that too much. If he's not, his build up is really for 2016. 2013 is really a quiet year in terms of international competition. We're using it as a building year for international competition.

"Certain changes we will like to see in him to develop him further, those are the things we're working on right now."

Alexander has been working with former national coach Desmond Dickie for some time now, and Farrier said the rider's technical team is pleased with his progress in 2012.

"So far Quincy has surpassed all his goals in terms of times. So sometimes we even think (about) whether we're pushing him too hard, and we have to seriously reconsider whether we're going too fast, but that's just the (progressing) athlete we work with."

The former Pan American Junior sprint champion is taking on all the sprint events, including his pet event, the kilometre time trial, match sprint and keirin events.

Said Farrier: "He's a sprinter, but there is talk that the kilo might be included back in the Olympics 2016, so we're waiting to see what goes on. Definitely that is his strength. If not, a lot of the great riders, (multi-Olympic champion) Chris Hoy was a kilo rider and that made him a better sprinter. That is the road we're going."

For the new year, Farrier wants the athlete to better his times in the kilometre time trial, and hopes to see progress from the lanky rider.

"(We will be) maybe looking at 1:05 in Arima (Velodrome), which will take us down to 1:03 in the inside tracks. For a 19-year-old that is world class. That is the goal in terms of times. In terms of the flying 200, he already went sub-11 in Arima.

"He went 10.9 in 2012. So far when you look at his structure, he has been improving every year."