Friday, February 23, 2018

Jack: 'vindicated' as FIFA cease Bin Hammam investigation


vindicated: Jack Warner

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Former FIFA Vice-President, Jack Warner, said yesterday that he felt vindicated by FIFA's decision to close the investigation on former presidential candidate, Mohamed Bin Hammam.

The UK Guardian reported yesterday that the investigation had been closed after FIFA failed to uncover new evidence in the case.

Warner also congratulated his former FIFA colleague Bin Hammam, who he said persevered at great personal sacrifice and expense to clear his name.

Bin Hammam and Warner were the subject of a FIFA investigation into bribery allegations following a Caribbean Football Union (CFU) meeting in Trinidad in May last year.

Warner, in a media release yesterday, said he always knew that neither he, nor Bin Hamman, had committed any offence during the CFU meeting.

Warner resigned from FIFA and all forms of football two months after the allegations were made, while FIFA banned Bin Hammam for life.

In July this year, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), overturned the lifetime ban.

"I must really extend sincere congratulations to my former colleague in FIFA for taking the battle all the way to CAS," Warner said.

"This happened at a time when he was challenging for the presidency of FIFA. It is unfortunate that these allegations derailed Bin Hammam's chances, which I thought were very good," he added.

"But I kept praying as I always had faith in my God. I must also thank the Honourable Prime Minister (Kamla Persad-Bissessar), who despite the repeated calls, kept the faith and allowed me to continue to serve the people of Trinidad and Tobago...a task which I am still performing," said Warner.

Warner added: "because of the false allegations, my family and I were the subjects of much harassment and persecution, which unfortunately continue to this day. I sincerely hope that with this announcement, we will finally have some much-deserved relief."

The release quoted a confidential report to FIFA, which said Bin Hammam was cleared after no new evidence was unveiled by FIFA's chief ethics investigator, Michael J Garcia, who opted to close the case and not pursue new charges.