Tuesday, February 20, 2018

MECA coaching under way

 Officials of the Mohammed’s Electrical Coaching Academy (MECA) were encouraged by the turnout on registration day for the 2014 cricket season.

Several new faces were among the 44 students who turned up last weekend at the pavilion of the Hafeez Karamath Limited Aranjuez Sports Club to complete the registration formalities before coaching sessions get underway this coming Sunday under the supervision of head coach Rajindra Ramadhin.

First task for Ramadhin and his fellow coaches will be to assess the skill levels of the new students, before they are placed in the different groupings that are based more on technical ability than age.

MECA continues to accept students—boys and girls aged five to 16—into the programme for the next few weeks. The registration fee for the entire season, which runs until the end of June, is $100. Parents, guardians or prospective students can call at 756-3950 or 674-6850 for more information. 

Alternatively, they may wish to attend one of the sessions on any of the Sunday mornings at the Aranjuez Savannah to view how the programme is conducted and speak directly to either coaches or officials.