Friday, July 3, 2015

Maguaya mop up in Mayaro League


Rewarded: Maguaya United players celebrate their victories in the 2012 bpTT Mayaro Football League competitions at the prize distribution function held on Sunday. At left is manager/coach Joseph Weekes, while bpTT's community liaison officer, Rennie Straker, (back row – third from right) joins in the occasion.

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Maguaya United captured the lion's share of the major titles, including the Senior and Under-18 league championships, when the 2012 bpTT Mayaro Football League held its prize distribution function at the Mayaro Resource Centre last Sunday.

Managed and coached by Joseph Weekes, the dominant Maguaya team also took home the Knockout titles in both the Under-18 and Under-16 competitions. They were runners-up in the Under-16 league championship.

Maguaya were awarded a cash prize of $5,000 and the Razack Jan Memorial Trophy as Senior league champions. Jan, founder and main organiser of the Mayaro Football League, died last year. The team also walked away with the Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards for the Senior and Under-18 divisions, through Kerdel Alfred and Daniel Hagley, respectively.

Cash prizes totalling more than $25,000 were distributed to teams and individuals in the league competitions which were played in three divisions. The league is organised by Illusions Sports Club and fully sponsored by energy company BP Trinidad and Tobago whose home community is Mayaro.

Manzanilla United won the Under-16 league championship, with their midfielder Kendell Rivers selected as MVP in the division.

Councillor for Mayaro/Guayaguayare, Raymond Cozier, praised bpTT for "providing a substantial level of support" to the league to showcase the sporting talent of the young people of the community.

"We need sponsors to support such activities and you should take full advantage of this opportunity to raise the level of football in Mayaro where we can turn out national footballers on a consistent basis," Cozier urged the players.

He congratulated Illusions Sports Club for taking up the challenge to run the league following Jan's death.

Illusions' public relations officer, Matthew Pierre, said the league was proud the honour the late Jan for his sterling contribution to the development of sports, and in particular football, in the wider national community. He also said that bpTT was committed to sponsorship of the league provided that there was accountability in its affairs and discipline among the players.

Special prizes were awarded to former national player, Peter Alfred, for longevity, and Maguaya manager/coach Joseph Weekes, for sustainability.

Results of the major competitions of the 2012 bpTT Mayaro Football League:


League: Champions – Maguaya United; Runners-Up – Panhandle Youth Movement; 3rd – Mayaro Boys

Knock-Out: Champions – Mayaro Boys; Runners-Up – Grand Lagoon United

MVP: Kerdel Alfred (Maguaya)

Most Disciplined Team: Christian Soldiers. Most Promising Team – Boos United. Most Goals: Mayaro Boys (47). Most Goals: Kheelon Mitchell (Mayaro Boys – 16).

Most Outstanding Players: Goalkeeper – Erskin Johnson (Mayaro Boys). Defender – Marvin Glasco (Panhandle). Midfielder – Willis Pegues (Grand Lagoon). Striker – Kheelon Mitchell (Mayaro Boys).


League: Champions – Maguaya United; Runners-Up – Mayaro Spurs; 3rd – Manzanilla United

Knockout: Maguaya; Runners-Up – Little Brazil

MVP: Daniel Hagley (Maguaya)

Most Disciplined Team: Boos United. Most Promising Team – Little Brazil. Most Goals: Maguaya (32). Most Goals: Keylon Thomas (Maguaya - 7).

Most Outstanding Players: Goalkeeper – Daniel Hagley (Maguaya – no goals conceded). Defender – Dean Vincent (Little Brazil). Midfielder – Jameel Archer (Maguaya). Striker – Keylon Thomas (Maguaya).


League: Champions – Manzanilla; Runners-Up – Maguaya; 3rd – Mayaro Spurs

Knock-Out: Champions – Maguaya; Runners-Up – Manzanilla

MVP: Kendell Rivers (Manzanilla)

Most Disciplined Team: Mayaro Spurs. Most Promising Team – St. Ann's United. Most Goals – Manzanilla (12). Most Goals – Keston Frontin – Maguaya – 5).

Most Outstanding Players: Goalkeeper – Randy Picton (Manzanilla). Defender: Omawale Rolingson (Mayaro Spurs). Midfielder: Kendell Rivers (Manzanilla). Striker: Keston Frontin (Maguaya.