Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Manager condemns ‘spineless’ batting

Selector says player changes not enough

Pathetic and spineless.

That is how Trinidad and Tobago manager Omar Khan summed up his team’s poor batting performance against Barbados in their regional four-day match at Queen’s Park Oval, Port of Spain on Thursday.

The home team capitulated to the Bajans inside two days after being dismissed for 109 and 129.

“We can’t afford to fail (with the bat) in both innings and expect to win. The batsmen’s display was pathetic. They have to shoulder the burden (of the loss),” Khan said yesterday.

The manager was very disappointed in the way T&T lost the game and insisted that mental toughness was needed if they are to overcome defending champions Jamaica in the four-day semi-final in two weeks’ time.

“It was really disappointing. It was really a spineless performance and it was hurtful and disheartening to see that performance against Barbados,” the T&T manager added.

Chairman of selectors Dudnath Ramkessoon was also disappointed with the loss and insisted that it was not what anybody had expected when the game started on Wednesday.

For now, he says the players will have to do some introspection and refocus for the semis.

“They have to refocus now in terms of setting their goals and knowing what is required to be successful in four-day cricket. We have been doing well in the shorter versions of the game and one has to question why we cannot carry that success into the longer version of the game,” Ramkessoon said yesterday.

“The batsmen...the senior batsmen did not turn up at the game,” he said. It was not the first time that has  happened this season.

A similar batting collapse saw T&T crash to defeat against Jamaica and the Windward Islands earlier in the season. Both of those matches ended inside three days.

Ramkessoon said: “The Windwards was our first game and we thought it was a one-off bad game. Against Jamaica it was a low-scoring first innings...but the players were not up to par.

“They have to lift the level of their game and play with the same intensity. They have to make the adjustment and the players must be professional enough to handle what is in front of them.”

He also noted that any change of players will not necessarily bring success.

“We spoke about changes. We will look at the team and try and get a combination to be successful. We will make meaningful changes but that alone cannot make a difference. Changing players alone will not do it. They have to perform. Their mental approach must be different in terms of putting a price on their wicket,” he added.

“A comment was made by a Barbados player saying ‘this is real cricket and T&T does not have the skills to compete in it.’ We have to take a good, hard look and see what we need to additionally; what we have not been doing or what we need to do more of to be successful in four-day cricket.

“That is a challenge we have to face,” Ramkessoon concluded.