Sunday, February 25, 2018

Merry Boys to extend lead at the top

Merry Boys will have a golden opportunity to extend their lead at the top of the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board Premier Division standings this weekend when they face struggling Seenath’s Auto Bamboo Sports at Diego Martin Recreation Ground from 10 a.m. today.

Merry Boys currently lead the 12-team standings with 115 points from four wins and a draw, while Bamboo are second-from-last with just 40 points from three losses and two draws.

Bamboo’s best result came in the previous round when they won first innings points against Munroe Road in a drawn match.

Their opponents Merry Boys enjoyed the better of a draw against Alescon Comets in their previous match, with Kevon Ramdhanie and Aaron Alfred both scoring hundreds on a weekend that saw at least seven centuries in the country’s top club cricket competition.

The defending champions PowerGen Penal Sports are currently in second place on 86 points, 29 behind the leaders and will be hosting eighth placed Moosai Sports (56 points) at Syne Village in Penal as they try to make up some ground.

Third placed Queen’s Park Cricket Club (85 points) are trying to close the gap and will be on the road against seventh placed Munroe Road (60) this weekend.

Elsewhere, fourth placed First Citizens Clarke Road United (81) will travel to Gilbert Park in California to face tenth placed Caldrac Club (41).

In the Championship Division, Hafeez Karamath Limited Aranjuez Sports have taken a healthy 27-run lead in the East North East Division and will be looking to widen the gap even further this weekend when they host mid-table Cunaripo Sports in Aranjuez.

Aranjuez, who tasted Premier Division cricket last season, won their first three games this year to move to the head of the pack.

Their closest challengers after four games are EYM who are on 68 points with just one win.

In the North Central Championship, Queen’s Park Cricket Club 2 also have three wins in four games. They are on 86 points and currently enjoy a 20-point lead over second placed Calcutta Sports. The North Central leaders take on third place Petrotrin Sports (65 points) this weekend at Queen’s Park Oval.

The South Championship is still very close with just three points separating the top two teams. Victoria United lead with 84 points and Rahamut’s Evergreen in second place on 81 points. Victoria face fifth placed Clarke Rochard (56 points) this weekend while Evergreen face sixth placed F&E Diamond United (56 points) in the south.

All matches in both the Premier Division and Championship Divisions bowl off at 10 a.m. today and continue from 9:30 a.m. tomorrow.

National League fixtures

Premier Division

Merry Boys vs Seenath’s Auto Bamboo Sports, 

Diego Martin

Jenexcon Tableland vs CLICO Preysal, Tableland

Esmeralda Sports vs Alescon Comets, Esmeralda 

Recreation Ground

Munroe Road Cricket Club vs QPCC, Munroe Road

Caldrac Club vs First Citizens Clarke Road United, 

Gilbert Park

PowerGen Penal Sports vs Moosai Sports, Syne Village

Championship Division

East North East

HKL Aranjuez vs Cunaripo Sports, Aranjuez Ground

Young Defenders vs Fulham Sports, 

Young Defenders Ground

EYM vs Barataria Ball Players, EYM Ground

UTT vs UWI Cricket Club, O’Meara

Agents vs Prison, Agents Ground

North Central

Felicity Sports vs Wanderers, Felicity

Central Sports vs Calcutta Sports, Central Sports Ground

QPCC 2 vs Petrotrin, Queen’s Park Oval

Police Sports vs Aronco Couva Sports, Police Ground

Havard vs Esperanza, Harvard Ground


F&E Diamond United vs Rahamut’s Evergreen, 

Diamond Ground

Rousillac United vs PowerGen 2, Rousillac

Clarke Rochard vs Victoria, Clarke Rochard Ground

Valley Boys vs Valiants, Valley Boys Ground

Point Fortin vs Yorkshire Club, Point Fortin Ground

Premier Division standings

Teams P W L D Pts

1. Merry Boys 5 4 0     1   115

2. PowerGen 5     2     0     3   86

3. QPCC 5     2     0     3     85

4. Clarke Road 5     2     1     2   81

5. Comets     5     2   1     2     69

6. Esmeralda     5     1     1     3     68

7. Munroe Road 5       2     2   1   60

8. Moosai       5     1     2     2   56

9. Tableland   5     1     2   1     54

10. Caldrac       5     0     2     2   41

11. Bamboo       5     0     3     2     40

12. Preysal           5     0     3     2     33

Note: The result of the Tableland vs Caldrac Round Two match will be decided by the TTCB Disciplinary Committee.