Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Merry Boys, T&TEC lose protests

Both Merry Boys and T&TEC have lost their Premier Division Sunday League semi-final protests against PowerGen and Queen's Park Cricket Club, respectively.

Merry Boys and T&TEC launched protests after losing their respective semi-finals on February 18 and the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board National League Committee has dismissed both protests, meaning PowerGen and QPCC will meet in the Sunday League day/night final, scheduled to take place at Guaracara Park, Pointe-a-Pierre on Thursday.

In the case of Merry Boys, the official result of their semi-final was that PowerGen Penal won by one run, but there was confusion over what happened on the final play of the match when Merry Boys needed three to win off the last ball.

The National League Committee then decided that an independent committee should be appointed to investigate the matter and make recommendations.

Yesterday, Merry Boys manager Patrick Rampersad confirmed that he had been informed that the National League Committee, acting on the advice of the specially-appointed independent investigation committee, has upheld the original result of the match.

The independent committee, chaired by Justice Joseph Tam, delivered their recommendations to the National League Committee earlier this week after interviewing the Merry Boys and PowerGen captains, the PowerGen wicket-keeper, the four match officials and the two Merry Boys batsmen last week.

Robert Neptune, Anthony Sanowar, Shahid Allaham and Clarance Shaffarali were the match officials for the semi-final, while Samuel Badree is the captain of PowerGen and Alcindo Holder is the skipper of Merry Boys.

The PowerGen wicket-keeper is Gibran Mohammed while the two Merry Boys batsmen at the crease for the final play of the semi-final were Avalon Garraway and Kevon Christmas.

After being informed of the decision yesterday, Rampersad said that the club will speak with their legal advisors this weekend and, based on those discussions, they would respond accordingly.

In the other semi-final, QPCC had won by nine wickets, but T&TEC launched a protest, citing the Parkites' use of three players from their Championship Division team QPCC 2.

QPCC cricket administrator and technical director Bryan Davis confirmed yesterday that the National League Committee dismissed the T&TEC protest after both clubs met with the committee earlier this week.