Friday, February 23, 2018

Monster repeats

Great Race champ for second year


Total domination: Total Monster powers through the waters off Grand Riviere yesterday on the way to eventual overall victory in the 2014 edition of the Carib Great Race which began in the Gulf of Paria and ended at the Esplanade in Scarborough. —Photo: Robert Taylor

Mark Fraser

Once again Total Monster has roared to victory in the 2014 Carib Great Race, completing the inter-island trek in just over an hour for a comfortable victory over FireOne, the team it dethroned in the event last year.

Wheelman Joey Sabeeney, throttleman Peter Peake and Daniel Peake and Alfred Bell—who shared navigator and comms. officer duties—brought the 46-foot Skater catamaran over the Scarborough finish line in Tobago to repeat as champions after their first such title last year.

They were also the A Class (maximum 130 miles per hour) winners, beating back Paramount, which seemed to have some technical problems as they finished in a shade under two hours. Mr Solo Too, considered Monster’s major rival, had some trouble of its own and could not complete the trip as electrical issues put paid to its ambitions.

James Hadeed (driver) and Guy Costa (throttleman), champs with FireOne in 2011 and 2012, were not close enough to register a serious challenge for the title, and ended second, seven minutes after Monster rushed through to victory. They did, however, take the B Class ahead of Stampede, which also completed the podium with third overall.

The other class winners yesterday included Global Warmer (C Class), Bacchanal (D Class), Energiza (E Class), Rite Formula (F Class) and Infusion IV (G Class).

Bell told the Express after the race that their preparations ensured there were no issues, so that the boat made the trip without mishap. They only needed to stick to their “game plan”, he said, to secure victory.

“This year the water was rougher in some parts compared to last year and calmer in some parts compared to last year,” Bell explained. It was a nice blend.

Paramount had a two-minute penalty to deal with, and its technical problems prevented any chance of a comeback, though it managed to finish the course.

Bell credited crew chief Nicholas Gomes and the other technical staff members, Martin Carrington, Robin Geoffroy and Derek Gomes with making sure the team was fully prepared to repeat.

“(You can’t describe) the elation you feel, the pins and needles coming down your spine. When you see 10,000 people on the shore and to know they’re looking forward to the winner and you are it, that feeling is overwhelming.

“But we planned for (victory). It wasn’t ad hoc. Between four of us we have over 40 years of racing together. We’re very familiar (with the course and racing) and we know what to do.”




1. Total Monster (Class A) 2. FireOne (Class B) 3. Stampede (Class B) 4. Global Warmer (Class C) 5. Energiza (Class E)

A Class (Max 130 mph)

1. Total Monster (1:08:50) 2. Paramount (1:58:36) 3. Mr Solo Too (DNF)

B Class (Max 120 mph)

1. FireOne (1:16:00) 2. Stampede (1:20:05)

C Class (Max 110 mph)

1. Global Warmer (1:24:50)

D Class (Max 95 mph)

1. Bacchanal (1:31:25) 2. Chris Gone Wilder (1:32:26) 3. Sheriff Lobo, Rush, Gulf Dragon (All DNF)

E Class (Max 80 mph)

1. Energiza (1:25:35) 2. Heatwave (1:30:04) 3. Elixir (1:32:07) 4. White Heat (1:44:03) 5. Hero III (1:47:30) 6. Gulf Hammer Time (DNF)

F Class (Max 70 mph)

1. Rite Formula (2:01:02) 2. Cynisca, Chris Gone Wild, Extreme Measures (All DNF)

G Class (Max 60 mph)

1. Infusion IV (2:00:55) 2. PP Conqueror (2:02:40) 3. Outcast (2:27:22) 4. Wethead, Matrix Reloaded (Both DNS)