Friday, December 15, 2017

Mosca’s Rosie’s Dream tests positive

TRAINER Juan Mosca’s Rosie Dream has turned into a nightmare for him, as the mare has tested positive for the drug Dipridamole, a class three violation under the Trinidad and Tobago Racing Authority’s (TTRA) Rules of Racing. 

Rosie’s Dream won the fourth race on Day 23 on June 28, and the result was only made available to him this week.

Reached for a comment, Mosca said: “You cannot wait two months to give me a result on a test. This horse won on June 28, and they now informing me of the positive this week. This does not happen anywhere in the world. It is ridiculous, and to compound matters we do not have any threshold levels. This horse won several times and was cleared.”

He pointed out: “You cannot get a rule book to buy. The rules are changed, and changed again, and trainers not advised, and they also are not informing you of the changes. That is not natural justice, and then you have a TTRA board that only recently installed, and their experience was exposed in the matter of trainer Irvin Hay regarding a lasix violation which was administered by their veterinarian, and she was not called to the hearing, and the trainer was fined, and he lost the race, and now they are going to reopen it after causing the trainer and the industry serious embarrassment.”

Mosca continued, saying, “I am putting out a lot of money each month. I have an investment over $10 million in horse stock. These people do not come in the paddock even, and they banning you. Look what happen to (Harold) Chadee. He got a positive because of the changing of the laboratories, and this was not taken into consideration. They are in a sense responsible for the number of positive samples that have been reported.” 

Mosca also has an outstanding positive with Quick City, who tested positive for steroids, which is a class three violation.