Friday, December 15, 2017

Nine winners crowned on day 3 of Boxing Champs

Stephanie Allen of Golden Fist gym was one of nine champions crowned on the penultimate night of the National Amateur Boxing Championships at the Woodbrook Youth Facility Saturday night.

On a night when a record 22 bouts were judged, nine champions were crowned and new talents emerged, one boxer was disqualified for executing a round-house kick while the women boxers showed their prowess in the ring.

Candice Pyke, the Most Outstanding Female Boxer for two consecutive years (2009 - 2010) upset her Boxing Magic teammate Ingle Charles, the 2012 National Light Welterweight champion.

Charles looked stronger and more conditioned than Pyke, a former flyweight boxer and mother of a young child. But when the bell rang, Pyke was the aggressor and used some crafty techniques to triumph over Charles by a wide 11-4 margin, thus snatching the Light Welterweight title.

The Open Class boxers did not disappoint as Aaron Cumberbatch (Cosmic), Lavel Nurse (THA Elite) and Akiel Outram (Cosmic) all defeated their respective opponents. Outram was the pick of the crop as he showed finesse in picking apart Gideon Prince (Prince Gladiators) who he pummelled onto the canvas.

Marinus Coutain (Fine Line) and Kyle Ragoonath (Ultimate Gym) won the Novice Heavyweight and Novice Lightweight titles respectively in similar fashion. During their quarter and semi-final bouts, both boxers dispatched their opponents with the referee stopping the contests.

75kg Novice Elite Middleweight

Joash Cyrus (Ultimate Gym) def Thurion Garcia (SEPOS) Decision (12-7)

91kg Youth Heavyweight

Jealani Garcia (Fine Line) won by walkover vs Dillon Maharaj (White Eagle)

91kg Novice Elite Heavyweight – Final

Marinus Coutain (Fine Line) def Adam Seedalsingh (Rough House) – RSC

91kg Open Elite Heayweight

Azariah Agard (TTDF) def Nick Boodram (Phoenix) –Disqualification

91+ kg Novice Elite Super Heavyweight - Final

Jermeil Guevera (Ultimate) def Joseph Simon (Magic) – RSC

57kg Women Featherweight - Final

Lexcine Duke(Magic) def Shenica Abraham (Magic) – RSC

64kg Women Light Welterweight - Final

CandicePyke (Magic) def Ingle Charles (Magic) - Decision

56kg Open Elite Bantamweight

Aaron Cumberbatch (Cosmic) def Levi Francis (Sand City) – RSC

57kg Junior Featherweight

Christian McDonald (Ultimate) def Jarrel Nunes ( YANS) – RSC

Raheem Modest (Undisputed) won by walkover vs Malcolm Benjamin (Champs)

60kg Youth Lightweight

Kevin Coker (Cosmic) won by walkover vs Aderl Braveboy (Moruga)

60kg Novice Elite Lightweight - Final

Kyle Ragoonath (Ultimate) def Aaron Joseph (Golden Fist) – RSC

64kg Novice Elite Youth Light Welterweight -Final

Jean Marc Borel (Rough House) def Asad Fabien (Magic) – Decision

64kg Novice Elite Light Welterweight - Final

David Francique (TTDF) def Keron Bourne (Rough House) – Decision

64kg Open Elite Light Welterweight

Stephen Charles (Black Hawks) def Dion Charles (Golden Fist) – Decision

Akiel Outram (Cosmic )def Gideon Prince (Prince Gladiators) – RSC

69kg Novice Elite Welterweight - Final

Davin Sinaswee (Ultimate) won by walkover vs Brian Gabriel (Fine Line)

69kg Open Elite Welterweight

Joash Walkins (Rough House) def Keslon Raymond (Magic) – Decision

Lavel Nurse (THA Elite) def Ricardo Gittens (Magic) – RSC

75kg Youth Middleweight

Micah Espinet (YANS) def Kevin Gazette (Magic) – Decision

50kg Women Elite Flyweight – Final

Stephanie Allen (Golden Fist) def Keitha Charles (Black Hawks) – Decision

Exhibition bout

Fidel Lewis (Golden Fist) def Shakeem George (Golden Fist) — Decision