Saturday, February 24, 2018

Njisane improves

Cyclist to miss next World Cup event


Trinidad and Tobago Olympic cyclist Njisane Phillip

Mark Fraser

Trinidad and Tobago Olympic cyclist Njisane Phillip is showing signs of improvement as he continues his battle with a kidney problem at hospital in California in the United States.

This was confirmed by T&T Cycling Federation president Rowena Williams yesterday. She also noted that the cyclist will most likely miss the next leg of the UCI (International Cycling Federation) World Cup in Mexico next weekend.

The T&T rider, who is coming off major success in 2013, was admitted to the California Hospital Medical Centre in Los Angeles last Friday with stomach pains and was moved to a specialist hospital recommended by doctor Howard Marans, who operated on Phillip when the cyclist broke his shoulder in Beijing in 2011.

“He (Phillip) is up and doing better,” said Williams yesterday.

“His progress is a lot better than they expected. He is a lot better now and is talking a bit more but they will be monitoring him tonight to determine if they will have to do any procedure on him tomorrow,” she explained.

Speaking about the severe pain Phillip was experiencing when he was first admitted to hospital on Friday, Williams said: “He is actually talking a lot more and the pain is subsiding but they are still waiting to see how he progresses tonight.”

As for the cyclist’s participation in the upcoming UCI World Cup, Williams said: “He will not be able to attend. Based on what has happened, he will definitely not be able to go on his bike and perform as he would like at the World Cup.” 

Phillip’s next competition after the World Cup is the UCI World Track Championships which take place in Colombia at the end of February.

Last year Phillip became the first T&T cyclist to win a medal in the UCI World Cup series when he copped silver in the match sprint event in Manchester, England.

He followed that ride up with a new national and Pan American record of 9.643 seconds in the Flying 200m which is the qualifying event for the match sprint at the Aguascalientes leg of the World Cup in Mexico last December.