Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Outram impresses at Boxing Champs

Akiel Outram of the Cosmic Boxing Gym advanced to the semi-final round of the 64kg Open Class when action continued on day two of the 2013 National Amateur Boxing Championships at the Woodbrook Youth Facility Thursday. Outram proved himself worthy of selection for 2016 Olympic preparation as he fought toe to toe with a feisty and worthy Jean Paul Cooper (World Class Boxing Gym). Both young fighters continuously scored points, with Outram winning by a 28-14 margin.

In a novice bout for 69kg elite welterweights, newcomers Barry Beckles and Brian Gabriel threw everything they had at each other. Beckles (Fighters Club) took an early lead in the first round but Gabriel (Fine Line Fight Factory) started the second round with a flurry of straight rights that found their mark more often than not. Showing a lot of heart, Beckles tried to stem Gabriel's flow of punches and almost succeeded as he connected with a few solid right hands of his own. But at the end of a fiery three rounds, Gabriel secured a comprehensive victory with the scores at 20-8.

However, Nicholas Potts (YANS Boxing) failed to move on to the next round of competition in the same division, after being defeated by a stronger Davin Sinaswee in their quarter-final bout. Not given much chance by many against the well-muscled Sinaswee, Potts fought throughout the three rounds. The bout was stopped just mere seconds before the end of the third and final round. The women were scheduled to start their rounds of competition last night as Ingle Charles clashed with Candice Pyke and Lexcine Duke matches gloves against Shenica Abraham.

Results from Day Two

69KG YOUTH Welterweight

Renaldo Christie (Fighters Club) won by Walkover vs Darion Dedier (Magic)

75kg YOUTH Middleweight

Micha Espient (YANS) won by Walkover vs Leonardo Boodram (Moruga)

64kg Novice Elite Light Welterweight

Nikos Mayers (Fighters Club) def Lyndel Smith (Sand City) Decision

Keron Bourne (Rough House) def Yuri Sorzano (Golden Fist)Decision

David Francique (TTDF) won by Walkover vs Sheffield Belgraves (Magic)

69KG Novice Elite Welterweight

Brian Gabriel (Fine Line) def Barry Beckles (Fighters Club) Decision

Ruben Lessey (Phoenix) def Daniel Buttler (White Eagle) RSC

Kieon Cardinez (Ultimate Gym) def Quincy Supersad (YANS) Decision

Davin Sinaswee (Ultimate Gym) def Nicholas Potts (YANS) RSC

75kg Novice Elite Middleweight

Adrian Stanely (Fighters Club) def Gregory LaChappelle (Sand City)

Leonard Edmond (Magic) won by Walkover vs Leonardo Waldron (Biomel)

Joash Cyrus (Ultimate Gym) won by Walkover vs Adam De Silva (Rough House)

Thurion Garcia (SEPOS) def Joash Garraway (Rough House)

91kg Novice Elite Heavyweight

Adam Seedalsingh (Rough House) def Dario Gonzales (Ultimate Gym)

Marinus Coutain (Fine Line) def Esan Wiltshire (Golden Fist) RSC

64kg Open Elite Light Welterweight

Dion Charles (Golden Fist) won by Walkover vs Christopher De Fretias (TTDF)

Akiel Outram (Cosmic) def Jean Paul Cooper (World Class)

Gideon Prince (Prince Gladiators) def Luther Woodly (Sand City)