Thursday, December 14, 2017

Parris now an 8th Dan

Trinidad and Tobago Karate Federation (TTKF) technical chairman sensei Anthony Parris is now officially an Eighth Dan.

Parris was presented with his World United Karate Organisation (WUKO) issued Eighth Dan certificate at the TTKF National Kata tournament for traditional and freestyle athletes which took place on Sunday, December 18.

Also presented with their WUKO grade of Sixth Dan and Fifth Dan respectively were husband and wife instructors/referees Lex and Maureen Springer.

Among TTKF elite instructors in attendance were shihan Michael Cromwell, sensei Lex Springer, sensei Rae Johnon, sensei T'ony Bliss, sensei Maureen Springer and sensei Parris.

The event served as both the final masters workshop for 2012 and also was the first of two qualifiers to select a junior team to participate in two international competitions in 2012.

Standouts of the days preceding were Khaleel Ferriera, who was first in the boys traditional seven to nine age group, and Agostino Victor, the seven to nine boys freestyle winner.


(Sunday December 18)


Adults traditional: Rae Johnson (1st), Gerald Perkins (2nd), Lex Mark Springer (3rd), Tony Bliss

Boys traditional (7-9): Khaleel Ferriera (1st), Akadae Vincent (2nd), Sameer Ali (3rd), Mark Cromwell

Girls freestyle (7-9): Chelsea Dowers (1st), Natalia Martinez (2nd), Jania Vincent (3rd)

Boys freestyle ( 7-9): Agostino Victor (1st), Isaiah Parris (2nd), Mark Cromwell (3rd)

Boys freestyle (10-12): Akadae Vincent (1st); Jeriah Romeo (2nd), Darion Martinez (3rd)