Monday, January 22, 2018

Persad suspended, fined $500

VARYING VERDICTS were handed down to three trainers; Bobby Persad, George Villiers and Irvin Hay, after their matters were heard by the Trinidad and Tobago Racing Authority (TTRA) board on Tuesday.

Persad was suspended for one month, affective from July 8, and fined $500, arising out of the matter regarding the positive sample returned by his charge Really Classy, who finished second to Nandi on November 9 last year. Really Classy tested positive for the drug Methocarbomol (a muscle relaxer).  

Villiers, whose charge Youaresobad finished fourth in the Stewards Cup last year, tested positive for excess lasix (overage) and he was fined $500. 

Meanwhile, Hay, whose charge Painted Buddha also tested positive for lasix (overage), had his matter postponed to a later date. Lasix is administered by the testing barn veterinarian. After the positive result return, Hay stopped training and placed his horses in trainer Chester Roberts' care.

According to both Villiers and Hay, the lasix was administered by the testing barn vet four hours before the horses' respective races. The Express has learnt that there have been problems regarding the administering of lasix in the testing barn. 

Trainer Shaffique Khan was forced to scratch his horse Measured Response after it was twice administered lasix on the same day by the attending veterinarian. 

In overseas jurisdiction, horses that test for excess lasix, administered by the State's veterinarian, are not disqualified, but the trainers cautioned when the report is turned in to the regulatory body. In the US it is referred to as an "overage".