Friday, December 15, 2017

Phillip on top at 'Barracuda'



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Njisane Phillip suited up and grabbed gold for Rig Tech Sonics at the Southampton Wheelers Cycle Club Barracuda Track League at Skinner Park on Friday night, snatching victory in the Open 20-lap even and also over 500 metres.

The cycling star, who missed out on Olympic bronze at the London Games last year, was in no mood to miss out this time, leaving Justin Roberts of Team DPS in his wake in second. Third and fourth respectively were Heatwave duo Marlon Rodman of Jamaican and Jamol Eastmond of Barbados.

And in the 500m event, Phillips outrode Quincy Alexander (Team DPS), who settled for silver. T&T junior rider Kwesi Browne of Arima Wheelers Cycle Club and Roberts were third and fourth in that order.

Rodman was also in winners' row, beating Sonics' Varun Maharajh in the Elite I and II Elimination events, while Eastmond was third, ahead of Rudy Ashton (Slipstream). And Akil Campbell (Sonics) took the individual pursuit event over six laps.

Other winners on the night included Arima Wheelers' Aziza Browne (Ladies Junior, three laps) and Bike Smith's Kerliann Wellington (Ladies Seniors, three laps).

Selected Day 1 Results (Friday):

Elite I & II Elimination

1. Marloe Rodman (Heatwave) 2. Varun Maharajh (Sonics) 3. Jamol Eastmond (Heatwave) 4. Rudy Ashton (Slipstream)

Ladies 2 laps (Juniors)

1. Keiana Lester (Bike Smith) 2. Aziza Browne (Arima Wheelers, AWCC) 3. Joy Abigail John (AWCC) 4. Cheyenne Awai (AWCC)

Ladies 2 laps (Seniors)

1. Dahlia Palmer (Sonics) 2. Kerliann Wellington (Bike Smith) 3. Tamiko Butler (Heatwave) 4. Denese Francis (AWCC)

Tinymites 2 laps

1. Tyler Cole (Sonics) 2. Chaquille Henry (AWCC) 3. Jabari Whiteman (Southclaine) 4. Akeem Lopez (Madonna)

Juveniles Elimination

1. Ramon Belmontes (Petrotrin) 2. Kristoff Frontin (Sonics) 3. Nathanial Jeremiah (Bike Smith) 4. Aaden Redhead (Bike Smith)

Elite IV 3 laps 1:46.49

1. Robin Balgobin (Hummingbird) 2. James Hadeed (Heatwave) 3. Andrew Dopson (Hummingbird) 4. Robin Diptee (Hummingbird)

Elite III 3 laps

1. Royden Bacchus (Team Foundation) 2. Jonathon Harding (Madonna) 3. Samuel Alleyne (Sonics) 4. Brendan Phillip (Southclaine)

Masters 40+ 3 lap

1. Rocky Hosein (Hummingbird) 2. Rodney Woods (Unattached) 3. Knox Lennard (Unattached) 4. Roger Simon (Knight Riders)

500m final

1. Njisane Phillip (Sonics) 2. Quincy Alexander Team (DPS) 3. Kwesi Browne (AWCC) 4. Justin Roberts (Team DPS)

Masters 50+ 2 laps

1. Clyde Pollonais (Southclaine) 2. Derrick Davis (Unattached) 3. Wayne Samuel (Southclaine) 4. Cyril Fook (Parkside)

Masters 60+ 2 laps 1:07.96

1. Earl Henry (Unattached) 2. Kent Luces (Sonics) 3. Godfrey Clyne (Southclaine) 4. Peter Hernandez (Hummingbird)

Juniors 4 lap

1. Akil Campbell (Sonics) 2. Urba Bourne (Southampton) 3. Nicholas Wharton (Southampton) 4. Justin Roberts (Team DPS)

Individual Pursuit 6 laps

1. Akil Campbell (Sonics) 3:03.26 2. Varun Maharajh (Sonics) 3:06.24 3. Troy Nelson (Bike Smith) 3:15.38 4. Barry Luces (Sonics) 3:16.11

Ladies Juniors 3 laps

1. Aziza Browne (AWCC) 2. Keiana Lester (Bike Smith) 3. Joy Abigail John (AWCC) 4. Cheyenne Awai (AWCC)

Ladies Seniors 3 laps

1. Kerliann Wellington (Bike Smith) 2. Dahlia Palmer (Sonics) 3. Denise Francis (AWCC) 4. Tamiko Butler Heatwave)

Elite IV 2 laps 1:08.40

1. Robin Balgobin (Hummingbird) 2. James Hadeed (Heatwave) 3. Andrew Dopson (Hummingbird) 4. Robin Diptee (Hummingbird)

Elite III 2 laps 1:05.32

1. Sylvester Joseph (Southampton) 2. Jonathon Harding (Madonna) 3. Brendan Phillip (Southclaine) 4. Daniel Richardson (AWCC)

Juveniles 2 laps 1:04.59

1. Kristoff Frontin (Sonics) 2. Sei Daniel (AWCC) 3. David Orr (Bike Smith) 4. Ramon Belmontes (Petrotrin)

Elite I & II 4 lap

1. Njisane Phillip (Sonics) 2. Varun Maharajh (Sonics) 3. Marloe Rodman (Heatwave) 4. Kevin Tinto (Bike Smith)

Juniors 2 laps

1. Justin Roberts (Team DPS) 2. Akil Campbell (Sonics) 3. Nevin Malco (Bike Smith) 4. Samuel Mahabir (AWCC)

Masters 40+ 2 laps

1. Joel Johnson (Southampton) 2. Knox Lennard (Unattached) 3. Rocky Hosein (Hummingbird)

Tinymites 3 laps

1. Tyler Cole (Sonics) 2. Chaquille Henry (AWCC) 3. Sadiki Daniel (AWCC) 4. Jabari Whiteman (Southclaine)

Masters 50+ 4 laps

1. Andy Chalmers Corkies (Casuals) 2. Derrick Davis (Unattached) 3. Cyril Fook (Parkside) 4. Wayne Samuel (Southclaine)

Masters 60+ 3 laps

1. Earl Henry (Unattached) 2. Kelvin Caesar (Hummingbird) 3. Peter Hernandez (Hummingbird) 4. Vivian Roberts (Southampton)

Open 20 laps

1. Njisane Phillip (Sonics) 2. Justin Roberts (Team DPS) 3. Marloe Rodman (Heatwave) 4. Jamol Eastmond (Heatwave)