Thursday, January 18, 2018

Phillip takes TTCF Road Race


VERSATILE: Njisane Phillip

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Top Trinidad and Tobago track sprinter Njisane Phillip showed his skill also extends to the road yesterday, as he sped to victory in the Trinidad and Tobago Cycling Federation (TTCF) Road Race from the Foreshore in Mucurapo to the Couva/Preysal Flyover in Central Trinidad and back.

Phillip, riding for Rigtech Sonics Cycle Club, finished in a time of one hour, 41 minutes and 37 seconds, just ahead of Rafmon Mecalfab Heatwave's Phillip Clarke, with Degree Madonna's Roger Smart crossing the finish line in third.

Gene "Geronimo" Samuel (Team Trek), Joshua Alexander (Team Beacon) and Akil Campbell (Sonics) were fourth to sixth in that order.

Campbell also doubled as the top Junior rider, while Emmanuel Watson took the Juveniles category.

And among the ladies, Louise Smart of Heatwave and BikeSmith's Keiana Lester were the Senior and Junior Division winners respectively.

Smart (40-plus), Wayne Samuel (50-plus) of Southclaine and Earl Mc Leod (60-plus) of Heatwave were the Masters winners in yesterday's race.

Yesterday's TTCF Road Race results:

Mens Open

1. Njisane Phillip (Rigtech Sonics) 2. Phillip Clarke (Heatwave) 3. Roger Smart (Madonna Wheelers) 4. Gene Samuel (Team Trek) 5. Joshua Alexander (Team Beacon) 6. Akil Campbell (Sonics)


1. Akil Campbell (Sonics) 2. Oludare Marcelle (Madonna Wheelers) 3. Urba Bourne (Southampton) 4. Kasim Charles-Walcott (Madonna Wheelers) 5. Rissan Jiminez (Madonna Wheelers)


1. Emmanuel Watson (Madonna Wheelers) 2. Aaden Redhead (BikeSmith) 3. David Zachary Orr (BikeSmith) 4. Kirk Hearn (SlipStream)

Ladies Senior

1. Louise Smart (Heatwave) 2. Kerliann Wellington (BikeSmith)

Ladies Junior

1. Keiana Lester (BikeSmith) 2. Kollyn St George (Madonna Wheelers)

Masters 40+

1. Roger Smart (Madonna Wheelers) 2. Mark Thomas (Madonna Wheelers) 3. David Tardieu (SlipStream) 4. Geoffrey Harper (Sonics)

Masters 50+

1. Wayne Samuel (Southclaine) 2. Clyde Pollonais (Southclaine) 3. Courtney Mark (Corkie's Casuals) 4. Simon Jardin (Corkie's Casuals)

Masters 60+

1. Earl Mc Leod Rafmon (Heatwave) 2. Godfrey Clyne (Southclaine) 3. Erwin Dorsch (BikeSmith) 4. Rodney Benjamin (Corkie's Casuals)