Wednesday, February 21, 2018

QPCC, Notre Dame U21s shine in 'Mags' hockey


BLOCKED: Paragon's Lyndell Byer, left, gets down low to stop this Malvern player when the two teams met in their Open Men's Division match Saturday at the Jean Pierre Complex. Paragon won 5-1.

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QPCC was expected to contest the U-21 Men's final with defending champions Notre Dame yesterday afternoon after the two teams cruised into the finals following Saturday's round of matches in this year's Carib Shandy Magnolias Indoor Tournament.

At Jean Pierre Complex on Saturday, QPCC easily got the better of Corona Fatima 6-3 in the first semi-final, before Notre Dame conquered Malvern 4-2 to cop the other spot.

The contestants of the other two finals the Women's U-21 and the Men's Open were to be determined before the scheduled late evening matches yesterday.

But on Saturday, QPCC scored three goals in the last seven minutes to surge into the finals.

QPCC's Shaquille Hassanah scored a hat-trick and Arody Brandford a double to power the Parkites to the final.

Fatima had worked their way back into the match at 3-3 when Andrew Vieira struck the back of the net from open play in the 22nd minute.

But goals from Jarryon Paul (23rd), Hassanah (27th) and Brandford (29th) went unanswered and QPCC 's strong finish gave them a clear path to the final.

In the second semi-final Tariq Marcano, who scored a double, got Malvern off to customary fast start in the fifth minute. But what has become habit for Malvern is a lack of staying power.

That and the fact that they could not neutralise Notre Dame's Shaquille Daniel, whose beaver-trick, especially his three strikes in a seven minute stretch in the towards the end of the second half ensured Malvern would not get past this stage.

Saturday's results:

U-21 Men Semi-finals

QPCC 6 (Shaquille Hassanah 6th, 12th, 27th; Arody Brandford 14th, 29th; Jarryon Paul 23rd) Corona Fatima 3 (Marcus Pascal 11th; Quinn Clarke 14th; Andrew Vieira 22nd)

Notre Dame 4 (Shaquille Daniel 9th, 21st, 23rd, 27th) Malvern 2 (Tariq Marcano 5th, 20th)

U-21 Women

Shandy Carib Magnolias 5 (Brianna Govia 13th, 14th, 27th, 28th; Elise Olton 24th) Notre Dame 4 (Stephanie Whiteman 3rd; Tamia Roach 15th; Tamara De Nobriga 17th; Kayla Brathwaite 25th)

Paragon 3 (Keturah John-Baptiste 7th; Zen Henry 21st; Kelsey Francis 27th) Harvard Maritime Checkers 1 (Jael Thompson 22nd)

Checkers 0 GCC 6 (Ashley De Groot 8th, 30th; Samantha Fernandes 9th; Briawna Gordon 11th; Athena Seenanan 12th; Dacia Woodroffe 28th)

Paragon 1 (Zene Henry 25th) Notre Dame 4 (Tamia Roach 7th; Tamara De Nobriga 16th, 21st; Nicole Whiteman 19th)

GCC 3 (Samantha Fernandes 9th, 26th, 27th) Notre Dame 3 (Stephanie Whiteman 3rd, 8th; Tamia Roach 10th)

Shandy Carib Magnolias 4 (Brianna Govia 8th, 18th; Samantha Olton 9th; Shaniah De Freitas 14th) Paragon 3 (Shanice Cudjoe 17th; Zene Henry 22nd; Keturah John-Baptiste 26th)

Open Men

Malvern 1 (Tariq Marcano 22nd) Paragon 5 (Joel Bodkin 5th; Cogie Butler 17th; Akim Toussaint 26th, 28th, 30th)

QPCC 21 (Arody Brandford 4th, 7th, 8th, 21st; Shawn Lee Quay 4th, 6th, 7th, 10th, 10th, 16th, 18th, 24th, 25th, 27th; Matthew Tang Nian 9th, 20th, 21st, 27th; Jerry Bell 2-13th, 30th; Nicholas Camacho 24th) Paradise 0

Notre Dame 3 (Shaquille Daniel 5th, 7th; Dillon Campbell 18th) Throw Yuh Frame 4 (Dwain Quan Chan 4th, Atiba Whittington 14th; Solomon Eccles 20th; Wayne Leggerton 26th)

TTDF 4 (Roger Daniel 4th; Gerard Ferguson 16th, 26th; Shane Legerton 19th) Malvern 1 (Kwasi Emmanuel 28th)

Paragon 7 (Syl Sinnette 2nd; Akim Toussaint 4th, 5th, 8th, 12th, 24th; Steffon Sandiford 27th) QPCC II 7 (Raphael Govia 3rd, 22nd; Jordan Vieira 6th; Nicholas Govia 10th, 28th; Gary Chin 25th; Shaquille Hassanah 30th)