Friday, February 23, 2018

Ramnarine gets Central Zone backing

The Central Zonal Council of the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board (TTCB) is throwing its full support behind former West Indies Players Association CEO and president Dinanath Ramnarine for the October 26 TTCB Annual General Meeting.

Members supporting Ramnarine swept the Central Zone elections at Presentation College, Chaguanas on September 30.

And at a meeting of the new executive yesterday, the Central Zone, headed by newly elected chairman Mozack Rahamut, confirmed that their three representatives—Narsingh Rambaran, Keith Joseph and Farouk Hosein—to the TTCB AGM will vote for Ramnarine

“There was really no opposition. We all support Dinas very strongly. Remember he started his cricket in the Central Zone, Presentation College, Chaguanas, and also played for Comets for all of his local career. When he was playing for the West Indies or Trinidad and Tobago or even as WIPA President he did not ignore or neglect us, he was always willing to assist.

“We are confident that he could do for Trinidad cricket what he did for WIPA. We want all the other clubs and zones to know that we need fresh thinking, young blood and people with integrity in charge of the TTCB. (Former T&T cricket captain) Daren (Ganga) has also played much of his cricket in Central and has been the most successful Trinidad and Tobago captain. He has ideas that could help our cricket to reach even higher, Rahamut said. Ganga is also part of Ramnarine’s slate for the upcoming elections.

In a media release yesterday, the Central Zone said it wanted to clear the air about a TTCB statement attributed to Hosein.

“Mr Hosein has categorically denied making any of those statements and furthermore has reiterated his and the Central Zone’s support for Mr Ramnarine and his team. Mr Ramnarine is our choice to lead the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board and we support him and his team,” the release stated.

Rambaran, the former player and experienced coach who was elected vice chairman of the zone said: “We are very lucky to have people of the calibre of Dinas (Ramnarine) and Daren, who are vying for the leadership of Trinidad and Tobago cricket.

These two gentlemen whom I know personally have always conducted themselves in the most respectable manner and with their knowledge, experience and passion for the game we believe that Trinidad and Tobago cricket will be in good hands. I join with my colleagues in the Central Zone giving them our wholehearted support.”