Thursday, February 22, 2018

Rampersad looking forward to new TTCB post

Newly elected third vice-president of the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board (TTCB) Patrick Rampersad is looking forward to his new role and says all parties have to come together for the benefit of the game.

The post of third vice-president is a new position created this year with the intention of easing the workload of the TTCB vice-presidents.

“Over the years we examined the workload of the two vice-presidents and we felt that cricket had gone to an era where you require additional help at the administrative level. The vice-presidents have responsibilities and we felt it was becoming overwhelming for just two,” Rampersad explained.

But the TTCB third vice-presidency is not the only new post for Rampersad.

He was elected as North Zone chairman last month as the only member of the Movement for Change slate to win a post on the zonal executive.

The other posts in the North were won by the other officials going up as part of a slate of candidates that were in support of Dinanath Ramnarine for the post of TTCB president.

Ramnarine lost 20-28 in the race for the presidency with Azim Bassarath winning another term in charge.

“As you know in North Zone I was elected chairman and the rest of the executive was not on my political side so to speak, so it will require some good skills to ensure that at the end of the day cricket is run and developed in the North Zone,” Rampersad said.

“That will be my mantra and that will be my guiding principle. I have not had a problem so far. The meeting we have had was extremely cordial and extremely courteous. All my discussions subsequent to that meeting have been cordial and courteous so it appears to me that the other elected officials want to work for the benefit of the North Zone,” he added.

Rampersad also recognises that he will be faced with some challenges but is prepared to do whatever it takes for the good of the game.

“I have two challenges—one at the zonal level and at the executive level. I now wear another hat and hopefully I will continue to work as hard as I worked before and even harder if I can to ensure that this Board is successful and to ensure that cricket comes out the beneficiary in the end,” said Rampersad.

One of the areas he says they need to continue placing emphasis on is youth development, and he insisted that the TTCB’s framework for development has already caught the eye of the West Indies Cricket Board.

“Of course we want to continue to do a lot of development work at the age group level in particular, because the WICB would like to use the template of the T&T Cricket Board and hopefully we can generate that kind of commitment.

“West Indies cricket is what will benefit from that,” Rampersad concluded.