Sunday, January 21, 2018

Southern Games cycling wheels off

The cycling aspect of this year’s Southern Games rides off in earnest from 7 p.m. this evening with the hosting of the Cycling Criterium in front of Awardy Hardware on the Southern Main Road in Marabella.

And a host of international and regional riders are set to throw down the gauntlet to Trinidad and Tobago’s (T&T) criterium team of Marc Codrington, Keron Bramble, Barry Luces and Joshua Alexander.

Among the foreign contingent are Austria’s Stefan Matzner and Stefan Mastaller, David Espinoza of the USA, Colombia’s Manuel Tunjano and the consistent regional pair of Jamaica’s Marloe Rodman and Jamol Eastmond of Barbados.

This evening’s events serve as a precursor to the weekend’s two-day extravaganza on Saturday and Sunday at Guaracara Park, Pointe-a-Pierre, where the cycling action will switch to the track.

Alexander (J), Bramble and Luces will be joined by Jude Codrington and Adam Alexander to formulate T&T’s five-prong track team. Action over the weekend begins 2p.m. on both days.

T&T road team: Marc Codrington, Keron Bramble, Barry Luces and Joshua Alexander

T&T track team: Adam Alexander, Joshua Alexander, Barry Luces, Jude Codrington and Keron Bramble

Internationals: Stefan Matzner, Stefan Mastaller (Austria); David Espinoza, Zak Kovalcik (USA); Ben Simmons, Andy Shackel (UK); Yoeri Havik, Christian Kos, Melvin van Zijl (Holland); Manuel Tunjano, Diego Andres Pena, Luis Carlos Chia, Daniel Martinez (Colombia); Marloe Rodman, Carlton Simmond, Bianca Hernould (Jamaica); Jamol Eastmond (Barbados).