Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Step in right direction

Murray, Findlay pleased with WICB changes to selection panel

Former West Indies cricketers Deryck Murray and Michael Findlay welcomed the move by the West Indies Cricket Board to appoint former captain Clive Lloyd to the post of chairman of selectors but both insisted Lloyd’s appointment alone will not be enough to take West Indies cricket back to the top of world cricket.

“I welcome the move but I think the public needs to have a little bit of patience,” Murray told the Express yesterday. 

“I hope that he will focus a lot more on the development of our young players. Although his role is to select the West Indies international team from the present crop, to me the future well-being of West Indies cricket is in our youth policy and how we impart the fundamentals of the game to our youth cricketers,” the former West Indies wicketkeeper explained.

Murray also noted the changes to the selection panel was a good move and a step in the right direction.  However, he said the future of the game does not only depend on selecting a team but on preparing future players for the international arena.

“There needs to be other measures to move West Indies cricket forward. If we are to get back to number one or two, that is not an overnight process. That involves polices that have to be put in place and resources that have to be properly distributed, and those resources are not purely financial, but actual persons you put to look after the players and to coach and mentor our young players,” he added.

Findlay also sees it as a positive move noting that Lloyd brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the post.

“I think with his experience, his quality of leadership and his exposure to cricket at all levels, he will bring to the selection committee that kind of thinking that is needed at this stage in West Indies cricket,” said Findlay.

“People must understand that changes to the selection committee will not necessarily bring about changes to the fortunes of West Indies cricket immediately because Clive Lloyd will have the same panel of player to select from. The problem in West Indies cricket is much deeper than that,” he added.

Findlay said the problem facing the selectors was that the standard of West Indies domestic cricket is very low and that has to improve in order for the regional side to improve. 

“The WICB is moving forward with changes to the domestic competition and that is a good innovation to bring in players from other territories and international players. That is a good move if raises the standard of cricket being played,” said Findlay.

“We have to lift the standard of our domestic cricket so we can compete adequately with the cricketers at the international level. Clive Lloyd will be able to inject that quality of leadership from his own experience into the selection committee but the selectors can only choose from what talent is available,” he added.