Thursday, February 22, 2018

Strong cast as Njisane Festival pedals off

The keirin events are expected to be the showpiece when the second edition of the Njisane Phillip Three-Day Cycling Festival pedals off tonight at Arima Velodrome from seven o’clock.

Founder of the event, local sprint ace Njisane Phillip will be amongst a stellar cast of track cyclists, hailing from as far as Australia and Europe, who will ride alongside the best locally-based cyclists on the Velodrome’s 400-metre concrete track.

The lineup is headlined by Olympic silver medallist and multiple World sprint champion Grégory Baugé of France, while South American stars Colombian Fabian Puerto Zapata and Venezuelan Hersony Canelon—who lost to Robert Forstemann in last year’s sprint finale at the Festival—are also confirmed.

The competition should be keen among the ladies too, with British pair Hayley Edwards and Jennifer Davis, as well as Laurie Berthon of France slated to compete.

Action will take place in several categories, including Senior International Men and Women, Elites I, II, III and IV and Masters. The other categories include Juniors, Juveniles, Tinymites and Youth Development—in both male and female divisions.

This will be the first event featuring top international stars that Phillip will compete in since skipping the World Championships in Mexico in February after suffering a kidney-related illness that interrupted his training a month earlier.

After tonight’s competition, the event will move to San Fernando and Skinner Park for the final two nights tomorrow and Sunday.

Tomorrow’s racing will commence at 5 p.m., and Sunday the action starts at 5 p.m.


International Invitees:


Damian Zielinski (Poland), Tomáš Bábek (Czech Republic), Hugo Barrette (Canada), Robert Groger (Germany), Patrick Constable (Australia), Jai Angsuthasawit (Australia), Fabian Puerto Zapata (Colombia), Akeem Williams (Jamaica), Louis Killworth (UK), James Garratt (UK), Julien Norberto (France), Benjamin Edelin (France), Grégory Baugé (France), Guy East (USA), Hersony Canelon (Venezuela), Darren Matthews (Barbados), Peter Jacques (UK), Paul Romero (USA).


Malgoarzata Wojtyra (Poland), Juliana Gaviria Rendon (Colombia), Ana Casas Bonilla (Mexico), Hayley Edwards (UK), Jennifer Davis (UK), Laurie Berthon (France), Daniela Gaxiola (Mexico).