Friday, December 15, 2017


TTFF pres: We have been talking to Warriors

Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation president Raymond Tim Kee says he has scheduled a meeting with Soca Warriors player representative Brent Sancho as early as 4:30 p.m. on Monday, despite the players' threats to force liquidation on the TTFF.

Asked at a press conference at Cascadia Hotel yesterday whether the plan to pursue liquidation of the TTFF's assets by the 13 2006 World Cup Warriors could put paid to the local football organisation's development plans, Tim Kee said: "Well I don't know, because to liquidate you have to have something to liquidate. The furniture that we have in the association's office is rented furniture with an option to purchase."

Tim Kee said after Sancho wrote him a letter, he responded by having a meeting with the players' representative before Tim Kee departed for meetings with CONCACAF and FIFA.

Tim Kee said he told Sancho the TTFF was in no financial position to settle the debt to the players as ruled by the courts at this moment.

"However because I acknowledged that there is a debt to be paid, I told him I am going to the president of CONCACAF and address it," he said.

Tim Kee, who returned from Zurich Thursday morning, said he would report back to Sancho about his trip.

But the president, who said he only saw the article about the Soca Warriors' threat yesterday, discovered that a letter had been sent to him by the players' attorney while he was in Zurich visiting FIFA, who he says was sympathetic to the TTFF's situation.

"But there is no harm in it, people operate and do things differently .There is no right and wrong. People just do things differently," Tim Kee said of the players' threat.

Tim Kee said the Federation has hired international accounting firm KPMG to break down the accounts more simply so it can be easily understood.

The president also said the TTFF is going to be meeting next week to discuss that whole situation with the accounts and books.

"I can tell you that when we are finished and we have discussed it at length, I will not be averse to give the media an update," he stated.

In other football news, Tim Kee said the TTFF's technical committee had been reshaped with the introduction of former Strike Squad head coach, Everald Gally Cummings and former national footballers Leroy De Leon and Selris Figaro. That committee will be convening their first meeting next week.

In addition, former senior squad manager Richard Brathwaite is heading a constitutional reform committee with former top referee Osmond Downer and Gwenwyn Cust to review the document and make suggestions for amendments.

Asked if he was attempting to appease people who had been previous critics of the TTFF, Tim Kee said: "When I had my first press conference, I indicated truth will be most important thing for us (the TTFF). Also I indicated we are facilitators and we don't own football. The people and the public are the ones who own it and I don't know we can mamaguy them. The reason for bringing them in is so they can a have a say in how football is going forward. And let me tell you, they are all enthused indeed in having a chance to make a contribution."