Thursday, February 22, 2018

TTFA: Players will be paid

 The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA)  has stated that it has already paid $10 million to members of the  2006 World Cup team,  and that  an outstanding final $1.9 million settlement  will come from development funds issued from  FIFA and CONCACAF, the international bodies which govern football in this region. 

The financially-challenged  TTFA was responding to threats on Friday by the former World Cup footballers to “wind up” the local football body.  

Several years ago, the players initially took court action against the local Association, arguing that they were promised a percentage of 2006 World Cup monies by former TTFA special adviser Jack Warner.  

However, on the appointment of Raymond Tim Kee as new TTFA president, the parties  reached an out of court settlement last year, which the players now argued has been breached. 

The TTFA stated by a press release yesterday that it is making every effort to conclude the matter soon. 

“The TTFA also wishes to advise that over $10 million dollars has been given to the players since the new TTFA administration reached settlement in June 2013,” the release stated.

 It said that $1.2 million of the scheduled $3.1 million payment was made and the remaining balance of $1.9 million is scheduled to come from development funds.”

“We have the assurance of FIFA and CONCACAF that all our obligations will be met in the interest of football. 

“The TTFA is also engaging partnerships with FIFA, CONCACAF, the Ministry of Sport, Ministry of Tourism and our corporate partners to move football forward in Trinidad and Tobago,” the TTFA release added. 

The TTFA also termed as “erroneous”  assertions that it  has the ability to target past leaders and advisers of the former TTFF to recoup $100 million in funds accumulated during the 2006 World Cup campaign. 

“Firstly, even if the TTFA was inclined to engage in an expensive and resource- draining legal battle to recover any amount of funds from the 2006 World Cup campaign, the statute of limitations to engage in such an endeavor expired some time ago.  

Secondly, between 2007 and 2012, international football in Trinidad and Tobago was adversely affected, in large part, due to the protracted legal battle that took place between the former TTFF and the 2006 players. 

The TTFA is of the firm belief that it would not be in the best interest of Trinidad and Tobago football to engage in another protracted legal struggle,” the relase said.