Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Taylor takes on Raymond at boxing championships

Experienced female boxer Chimere Taylor will take on Stacey Ann Raymond on the opening day of the 2014 Trinidad and Tobago Amateur Boxing Association (TTABA) National Championships today.

Opening day action begins from 6 p.m. at Woodbrook Youth Centre, and will see a total of six fights, five of which will be contested among the men. Taylor has a wealth of international experience and will start as the favourite in her fight. She has represented Trinidad and Tobago at the CAC Games and also at qualifiers for the Pan Am Games, Olympics and World Championships.


Men Novice 69kg - Mathew Charles (Cosmic Boxing Gym) vs Shawn Collins (Biomel)

Men Novice 81kg - Micah Espinet (BB&GD Boxing Institute) vs Shakir Flemming (Cosmic Boxing Gym)

Men Novice 81kg - Brandon La CRoix

(Rough House) vs Rudo Colthrust (Yama Club)

Men Novice 91+ - Declan Pile (BB&GD Boxing Institute) vs Barry Boyke (Yama Club)

Men Novice 91+ - Ryan Sooknanan (Rough House) vs Jeremy Rudolpho (Biomel)

Women 75kg - Stacy Ann Raymond (Will Power) vs Chimere Taylor (Cosmic Boxing Gym)