Monday, February 19, 2018

Team Jumbie win Digicel burn


KEEPING FIT: Determined keep-fitters endured hot conditions to take part in the first of six editions of the Digicel Summer Burn, at the Queen’s Park Savannah, opposite TGI Friday’s, on Monday.

Mark Fraser

Team Jumbie were rewarded with a  $1,500 cash prize and free membership at the Long Circular Club after winning the Daily Challenge at Monday's Digicel Summer Burn.

The competition was the first of six editions of the Summer Burn. The series will continue every Monday from five p.m. at the Queen's Park Savannah, opposite TGI Friday's. Teams have until four p.m. to register.

The opening Burn included a challenge for teams and a high-energy workout session for individuals.

The teams  were asked to complete a lap around the Savannah. When they reached the final 15 metres of the Savannah run, they faced a further challenge where the  strongest persons on the team had to carry their teammates one by one to the finish line, in the shortest time possible.

Meanwhile, individual keep-fitters were put through a programme of high-energy aerobics moves by Long Circular Club instructors. The participants also indulged in a brief, fast-paced Zumba session.

The winning team among the Digicel staff were Team Starters. Their hard work paid off with tickets to attend a Caribbean Premier League (CPL) qualifier match and a cash prize of $1,000.