Thursday, January 18, 2018

Touring Team player dies in T20 action

Tragedy struck during the Coca Cola Endeavour Premier League Twenty20 competition on Saturday night when Jamal Francis of the Londenville Touring Team collapsed during a match against Platinum Sports and subsequently died at the Chaguanas Health Facility.

The Londenville Touring team coach, Inspector Wayne Lawrence said that Francis was a key member of the squad and the player did not tell his teammates of any problems he was having during Saturday night's match.

However Lawrence said they knew something was wrong with the 27-year-old pacer from his first over.

"He did not complain about any problems during the game but after the first over he bowled, that is when we knew something was up," Lawrence said.

"He is our opening bowler and he don't usually bowl a lot of wides but in the first over he bowled four wides. That is unusual for him. In the second over he bowled three wides and after that over he went to field in the slips and then he bent over and put both hands on his knees and the wicketkeeper asked him if he was okay.

That is when he collapsed. We did CPR and took him to the Health Facility and the doctor treated him and immediately the doctor called us and said his condition took a turn for the worse," said Lawrence, who added that the incident had shocked the team.

Francis lived in Palmiste, Chaguanas and according to Lawrence, the all-rounder also played for Palmiste Sports Club and Esmeralda Sports.

Coca Cola EPL T20 results

WPI Royal Challengers 148-7 (20 overs) (Travis Karim 43, Valmiki Deonarine 31, Bobby Deokaran 26; Paul Francis 2 wickets, Danraj Sohan 2 wickets) vs Big Man Ting 61-4 (8 overs) (K. Ragoonath 24, A. Rampersad 21)

—Big Man Ting, chasing a revised target of 61 off 8 overs, won by six wickets

Central Kings 116-6 (15 overs) (K Gopie scoring 68, Yannick Ottley 19; L Balraj best 3/15) vs Back street Boys 97-7 (15 overs) (Yannick Ottley 2/12, N Williams 2/26, J Lezama 2/21)

—Central Kings won by 19 runs

We Run Tings defeated Potential Sports in a super over

Flight Spirit defeated Settlement Boys

Londenville Touring Team vs Platinum Sports—Match Abandoned