Sunday, February 18, 2018

Bharath meets stakeholders today

Two trainers fined, one suspended


WANTS TO HEar PROBLEMS: Vasant Bharath

Mark Fraser

TWO TRAINERS have been fined for therapeutic medication violations, while a third has been fined and suspended for one month for therapeutic medication violations.

Two of the matters were heard on Tuesday before the Trinidad and Tobago Racing Authority (TTRA) board headed by vice-chairman, Naresh Ramchandani.

Champion trainer John O’Brien was fined $500 for the violation after his charge Crime Passion, which won on Day 10 (March 15), and tested positive for Isoflupredone, a corticosteriod, a Class (IV) violation. 

In a press release, the TTRA said given consideration to the evidence of O’Brien, groom Steve Allaman, and his attending veterinarian, Dr Roger D’Abadie, and considering the evidence, the Board found there were factors which mitigated strongly in O’Brien’s favour. 

Trainer Irvin Hay’s Painted Buddha tested positive on Day Six (February 8) for lasix, and was fined $500. 

His sentencing was delayed by the TTRA which said it needed to get further information. 

Evidence in Hay’s hearing was heard from groom Edwin Persad and the official veterinarian, Shivani Beharry. 

In Hay’s matter, the lasix was administered by one of the attending veterinarians in the collection barn, and tested positive by a very minute amount of lasix over the threshold level. 

Trainer Kurt De Freitas was fined $500, and suspended for one month after his charge, Ten Powers tested positive on Day 12 (March 29) for Methocarbamol, a Class (IV) violation. 

Evidence was heard from groom Richard Forde, De Freitas and assitant trainer Ramesh Ramroop. All three horses were disqualified and placed last in their respective races.

In related news, Minister of Trade, Industry and Investment Vasant Bharath will meet the horse racing industry stakeholders today at his Nicholas Towers, Port of Spain office.

The meeting will be held with Minister Bharath, along with members from the Arima Race Club (ARC), the Racehorse Trainers Association, (RTA), the Racehorse Owners Association (ROA), the Racehorse Jockeys Assocation (RJA), and the Racehorse Grooms Association (RGA).  

The TTRA board has not been invited to this meeting. 

According to well-placed sources Minister Bharath wants to hear of the problems from the stakeholders, and then will meet with the TTRA board to deal with the matter.