Saturday, January 20, 2018

Under-19s to give their best shot against Aussies

 West Indies Under-19 coach Roddy Estwick said batting and adapting to the varying conditions in the UAE are the key elements to his squad performing to their best at the  ICC Youth World Cup. 

Estwick spoke to the WICB media about his team ahead of their quarter-final against Australia tomorrow. 

“Before we left the Caribbean,  we knew the batting,  we weren’t doing as well as we would like,  so we are still working on it.  We are trying to get it right,  trying to make sure we can spend some time at the crease,  get some partnerships, somebody in the top four to get a big score, “ Estwick said. 

On the conditions,  Estwick said the weather and pitches had changed since their first  few games. 

“ It wasn’t as hot when we first arrived.  Obviously,  it was pretty cold the first week to ten days, but it is now beginning to get a bit hotter,  the pitches getting a bit drier as well. Earlier, it was a lot greener and the ball was moving around a bit but as the sun comes out, you can see the pitch is losing a lot of its pace.  The one we played against Canada was quite slow and low... Now they will have to adjust to the heat,” he said. 

Estwick said the team was still analysing Australia,  who lost to Afghanistan,  but the early prognosis is that they haven’t played spin well. 

“We will have a look at that,  sit down and decide how we gonna approach them,  but we really got to focus on our game,  that is the key.  If we can concentrate on our game and keep our discipline,  then we should be ok,” he stated. 

Estwick said the young Windies had improved from their first game 94-run loss to South Africa after the team discussed their approach to their overall cricket. 

He said the team continued their work in the nets and he was asking his charges to play each ball on its merit. 

“Spend some time at the crease... Play what you see and not what you expect.”

Asked what assurances he could give the Caribbean people that his team would play on in the tournament,  Estwick said his squad would be, “giving it our best shot.”

“We’ll try and do the Caribbean people proud. We are giving it 100 per cent effort and hopefully that effort that we put in,  the hard work we put in is good enough.” Estwick concluded.