Monday, February 19, 2018

WIPA to seek legal advice over Kirk Edwards dismissal

Kirk Edwards has been withdrawn by the Barbados team from the current NAGICO Super50 tournament, and the West Indies Players Association (WIPA) is not happy. It is seeking legal advice on behalf of the player.

According to a release from the West Indies Cricket Board yesterday, West Indies player Edwards, a former Barbados captain, was withdrawn by the Barbados Cricket Association (BCA). No explanation was given.

However, in a response yesterday, WIPA expressed shock at the decision. President Wavell Hinds and former WIPA CEO Michael Hall had held late night discussions on Saturday with Edwards and Barbados manager Hartley Reid about the matter which eventually led to Edwards’ dismissal.

“After Kirk made us (myself and Michael) aware that he had been threatened with expulsion from the team, and of the issue which had given rise to the threat, I immediately contacted Mr. Reid and asked if he would be good enough to meet with us and Kirk at the team hotel right after the WIPA AGM which was being held nearby and he agreed,” said Hinds via a press release. “We were firmly of the view that what Kirk had advised us of as being the issue was a matter which could be easily resolved through sensible and well-intentioned dialogue, and certainly nothing, not even in our wildest dreams, which might warrant the drastic and draconian abuse of power by the team’s manager.” According to the WIPA release, the issue revolved around a disagreement over match kit which the BCA would have issued to Edwards, but which the player refused to sign for.

“Throughout the discussions Mr Reid remained totally inflexible and at no time did he try to find a solution to what we still say is a non-issue,” Hinds said. “WIPA is extremely disappointed with Mr Reid’s attitude. At the end of the day, an unnecessary blot has been placed on the career of a dedicated and talented West Indian cricketer, all because those entrusted with leadership roles in our game appear not to have the requisite skills to execute the job.”