Friday, February 23, 2018

Wanderers in High Court on May 7


Now with Moosai Sporyts: Ewart Nicholson

Mark Fraser

The ongoing off the field battle between Wanderers, the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board and Alescon Comets is set to be heard in the T&T high court on May 7.

The battle began last year following a washed out match between Wanderers and Comets at Gilbert Park in California.

Comets, who were in the relegation zone when the season ended, lodged a protest against Wanderers and were awarded 24 points by the TTCB Disciplinary Committee, which was enough to push Comets up to safety and out of the relegation zone.

Wanderers, who were never in danger of being demoted, appealed the decision and the TTCB Tribunal overturned the Committee’s ruling.

The matter went to arbitration with the arbitrator upholding the Disciplinary Committee’s ruling. Now, it will be heard in the High Court after Wanderers applied for judicial review.

In the meantime, Wanderers have opted not to take the field in the TTCB competitions so far this season, while Comets have played all their matches and are currently in the top half of the Premier Division standings in a close battle for the two-day title.

Asked about the stance taken by his club, president and owner of Wanderers, David John-Williams said: “We do what we have to do for the good of the game and for what is fair.”

The club’s players have gone on to join other Premier Division teams, with Omesh Ramoutar and Mark Deyal moving to newly promoted Caldrac Club and Ewart Nicholson taking up a contract with Moosai Sports.

All three were outstanding youngsters in the Wanderers line-up last season, and have been doing well for their new clubs this year.

John-Williams seems prepared to go the distance, saying: “I know what public opinion is and I don’t think I have done anything wrong. If anything I think it will strengthen the legacy of the club.”

Depending on the outcome of the court battle, Wanderers, who are at the bottom of the standings, could be demoted to the Championship Division at the end of the season. John-Williams, however, is not worried.

“We have come from the zone before.”