Monday, December 18, 2017

Not Defunct

John-Williams says Wanderers will return

The long off-the-field battle turned court matter involving Wanderers and Alescon Comets cricket clubs and the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board (TTCB) is still unresolved and despite not fielding a team in the TTCB competition for almost two seasons, Wanderers president and owner David John-Williams insisted that the club is not defunct.

At the heart of the dispute was the TTCB disciplinary committee’s decision to award Comets full points for a washout in a Premier Division fixture between the teams in 2012 at Gilbert Park, California.

Comets, who finished the season second from last, would have been demoted to the lower Championship Division. They were however awarded 24 points after winning a protest against Wanderers which ensured they would avoid being relegated.

The TTCB tribunal had then overturned the ruling. However, an independent arbitrator upheld the disciplinary committee’s decision. The matter subsequently reached the High Court with Wanderers querying the arbitrator’s decision.

Meanwhile, Comets were allowed to play in the 2013 season as the result prevented them from being demoted to the Championship Division. But Wanderers refused to field a team in all of their scheduled 2013 Premier Division matches in protest and were demoted to the Championship Division at the end season.

Despite the High Court ruling in their favour in December, Wanderers have yet to field a team in the 2014 season. But John-Williams yesterday insisted that “as soon as the matter is resolved we will be back playing cricket and in our rightful place, too.” He added, “The judge is going to make a ruling on May 20.”

 John-Williams explained that the court will have to decide the way forward and he said he would prefer not to make any further comments until a ruling is made.

The TTCB confirmed that discussions between the parties will continue in the meantime as they try to come to a compromise that both parties are happy with. Failing that, the court will then decide how they will proceed.