Monday, January 22, 2018

Warwick is new NBFTT head

Garvin Warwick is the new president of the National Basketball Federation of Trinidad and Tobago (NBFTT).

Warwick replaced Courtney McNish at the head of the NBFTT during elections held at the Federationís Annual General Meeting at Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva on Saturday morning.

He was at the head of the Team STRONG slate, its name being an acronym representing the areas they will target for improvement as the new NBFTT executive.

All candidates were elected unopposed.

At the AGM, four vice-presidents were also chosen. They are Daron Lall (technical and training services), Chezette Baillie (communications and marketing), Hyacinth Hart (finance) and Alexis Browne (organisation and development).

Baillie was returned to the position, while Lall, Hart and Browne replaced outgoing executives Philip Sancho, Peter Clavery and Trevor Morris respectively.

The other members are Claire Mitchell, who replaced Nadine Khan-Seemungal as general secretary, while Arnold Thomas has filled the vacant assistant secretary position.

New NBFTT executive: Garvin Warwick (president), Alexis Browne (VP organisation and development), Daron Lall (VP technical and training services), Chezette Baillie (VP communications and marketing), Hyacinth Hart (VP finance), Claire Mitchell (general secretary), Arnold Thomas (assistant secretary).