Saturday, February 24, 2018

Wharwood is SSCL Cricketer of the Year

The curtain officially came down on the 2013 PowerGen Secondary Schools Cricket League season with the outstanding performers being recognised at the end of season awards function in Thursday at Signature Hall, Montrose, Chaguanas, yesterday. Stephan Wharwood was named the male Cricketer of the Year after scoring 345 runs and taking 25 wickets for Trinity College East who were second to Hillview College in the Premier Division League competition. 

SSCL Honour Roll

Cricketer of the Year

Stephan Wharwood (Trinity East)—345 runs and 25 wickets

6 Cricketers of the Year

Samuel Roopnarine (Shiva Boys)—293 runs and 26 wickets

Jeremy Solozano (Hillview College)—412 runs and 4 wickets

Andy Gobin (Vishnu Boys)—353 runs and 15 wickets

Stephan Wharwood (Trinity East)—345 runs and 25 wickets

Al Small (Princes Town West)—259 runs and 21 wickets

Jeron Maniram (Barrackpore West)—388 runs and 15 wickets

Player of the Round

Round 1

Amrish Rampersad (Hillview College)—6/45 and 19 runs

Jeremy Solozano (Hillview College)—118 runs

Round 2

Andy Gobin (Vishnu Boys)—5/18 and 29 runs

Kerron Kanhai (Barrackpore West)—2/29 and 81 runs

Round 3

Al Small (Princes Town West)—5/26 and 21 runs

Shameer Muradali (Hillview College)—5/13

Round 4 

Samuel Roopnarine (Shiva Boys)—7/24 and 105 runs

Marlon Phillip (Barataria South)—1/18 and 102 runs

Round 5

Jeremy Solozano (Hillview College)—107 not out 

Tion Webster (Barataria South)—97 runs and 1/43

Round 6

Jeron Maniram (Barrackpore West)—138 not out

Stephan Wharwood (Trinity East)—6/25 and 38 runs

Round 7

Jesse Bootan (Hillview College)—2/12 and 75 runs

Al Small (Princes Town West)—3/42 and 83 runs

Jeron Maniram (Barrackpore West)—2/45 and 94 runs

Round 8

Al Small (Princes Town West)—2/21 and 102 not out

Stephan Wharwood (Trinity East)—4/46 and 83 runs

Ewart Nicholson (El Dorado East)—130 runs

Round 9

Brian Christmas (Trinity East)—3/28 and 100 runs

Quane Ragoonanan (Barrackpore West)—45/2 and 104 runs

Andy Gobin (Vishnu Boys)—4/23 and 123 runs

Kyle Lee (El Dorado East)—7/24 including a hattrick

Team Awards

Premier Division

Winners—Hillview College

Runners up—Trinity College East

Championship Division

Winners—Vishnu Boys

2nd—Barrackpore West

InterCol T20

Winners—El Dorado East

2nd—Barrackpore West

Under-19 Seniors

Winners—ASJA Boys

2nd—El Dorado West


Winners—Fatima College

2nd—Shiva Boys


Winners—Barrackpore West

2nd—Trinity College East

Girls Competition

Winners—Fyzabad Secondary

2nd—Barrackpore East