Friday, December 15, 2017

Wind surf pros impress at Tobago Regatta

 Epic winds and waves kicked off the sixth annual Tobago Carnival Regatta 2014 at Pigeon Point, Tobago.  Wind surf legends, Brian Talma, Kevin Pritchard ( eight-time world champion) and Diony Guadagnino and pro kite boarder Hope Le Vin thrilled spectators and competitors alike. 

Local defending wind surf champion Dwight Hall from Tobago challenged the pros and came fourth in a fleet of six of the world’s best, impressing them all with his skill.

Meanwhile local kite favourite Orian Jakerov, also from Tobago, continued his battle against Venezuelan champ Herbert “English” Hernandez, delighting everyone with their free style talent. 

Talma’s Beach Culture World Tour once again brought excitement to the event, raising the bar to international levels.  According to event promoter Niki Borde, “the Beach Culture World Tour is about getting out there, pushing yourself,  competing against yourself  and having fun on beach. That way there are always winners. What Brian brings to the event  is an enormous amount of energy, enthusiasm and personality. He pushes the competitors to be present in the moment and do their best.  But mostly to have fun.”

Borde added: “This year we were happy to host the international legends and have learnt a lot from them.  They have all spent over 18 years on the world circuit and still enjoy what they do.  They put their titles on the line every time they go out on the water as there are always younger ones waiting to challenge them. But they do so without any fear and are always up to the test.  These guys are still at the top of their game and are an inspiration to us all.”

Borde said one of the goals of the regatta was to establish Tobago as a wind surf and kite boarding destination. 

“It was very nice to hear Kevin and Diony discussing the beauty of Pigeon Point as they saw it for the first time and commenting that it reminded them of  Maui  Hawaii, a world-famous beach for water sports. Its good to be compared to such world class arenas,” Borde said.

She added: “As we continue to develop the event and promote water sports with the help of the Tobago House of Assembly, the Minister of Sport and the Sports Company, we try to inspire all ages to get back into the water and have fun. This year we will be taking six of the top performers over to Barbados to take part in Brian Talma’s Beach Culture event in June. These will include one of the masters, wind surfers, kite boarders and stand up paddlers.