Sunday, January 21, 2018

Zonal reps dispute Ramlal’s version

While Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board (TTCB ) general secretary Arjoon Ramlal said all zonal officers were invited to a meeting at the National Cricket Centre (NCC) in Balmain on June 25 to discuss and review the TTCB’s Zonal Regulations document, some zonal representatives are disputing his version of events.

One member said the meeting was conducted literally in darkness with just over a handful of people after a transformer at the entrance of the NCC blew, cutting electricity there.

Central Zone’s Hadeed Ali, who attended the meeting which he said was no more than a discussion, said Ramlal read out the Zonal Regulations using his cell phone’s torch light.

Also, North Zone executive member Mahabir Ragoonanan and South Zone chairman Leo Doodnath said they were never given any notice of the meeting while Ali and South West Zone’s new chairman Ramesh Dharamdeo said they were only informed of the meeting on the eve of, and the same day of their zonal elections respectively. They also said they never received any agenda for the June 25 meeting.

Contacted yesterday and asked directly if zones and their representatives were given due notice of the meeting, Ramlal said zones were informed by e-mail and phone, the usual channels although he did not give a date and time those notifications were sent.

“I would have to confirm that with the TTCB administration, “ he said when pressed for details.

Ramlal said six of the seven zones were represented to discuss and review the Regulations although he could not specify the actual number of attendees. The Daily Express understands no more than seven to nine persons, including Ramlal attended the June 25 meeting. Each zone has three representatives for a total of 21 possible zonal representatives.

South West Zone’s representative Dharamdeo said he and another South West rep Ash Sinanan departed the meeting some 45 minutes after the 5 p.m. designated start because electricity had not returned and only a few people turned up for the meeting.

Dharamdeo said he was only given a copy of the document on the same day of the SW zonal elections but they adhered to what the eighth and latest edition of the TTCB Constitution.

“Mr Baldath Boodoo, the outgoing chairman, was not allowed to vote,” he said , adding that they were guided by the constitution which was duly approved at a TTCB June 29 special general meeting.

“I was there on (June 25) and there was no light at all so we left,” Dahramdeo said, adding that subsequently there was no discussion or issuance of the minutes of the June 25 meeting. He said the document was never tabled or circulated. Ragoonanan, Ali and Doodnath all confirmed the lack of minutes and lack of circulation of the Regulations document .

Ragoonanan , who has been a TTCB member for 24 years, said “ I have never seen that (Zonal Regulations) document except the day before this year’s zonal elections. And so my position is that the Constitution must take precedence.”

Asked if the minutes and recommendations from the June 25 meeting had been tabled or circulated or if minutes or recommendations had been issued to Board members, Ramlal said the Zonal Regulations document was approved and referred to the TTCB executive.

But Ali , present at the June 25 meeting, said there was neither approval nor recommendations for a future meeting.

Asked to give the date of those correspondences, Ramlal said, “I can’t say for sure but I would have to check with the TTCB administration.”

Ramlal said minutes of a meeting are usually circulated prior to the next meeting and so the June 25 minutes had not been circulated yet since another Zonal meeting has not been called.

Ramlal added that the amendments to the Regulations did not affect the two contentious issues- the authority for outgoing officers to vote and the timing of the convening of the zonal AGMs- raised by the South West zone pre-action protocol September 10 letter. But in a September 17 reply to the SW Zone letter, which expressed concern about the Regulations giving the incumbents an unfair advantage, Ramlal said the TTCB was engaged in preparations for the AGM, for the election of new officers and all zones were involved in the same process.

“As such, we are operating under serious time constraints. Your letter has to be considered carefully by our executive and we will respond to you at the earliest possible opportunity.”

Asked if the TTCB would address those issues before the remaining zonal AGMs, Ramlal said the local cricket organisation’s attorneys are currently drafting a response. With the AGMs for South and North Zone scheduled for yesterday and today, Ramlal did not give a specific date.