Sunday, December 17, 2017

Around the Circular


Staff of W101.

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AS you walk through the doors of W101 you can't help but notice the ambience which is made up of lighting fixtures and a variety of fine art pieces, from the ever popular laughing Buddha to keeping with the Christmas season, an angel. Walking into the main entrance you are greeted with the smiles from the staff ready and willing to assist your needs. So, what is W101? Well ladies and I mean ladies; this is just for you, a store that knows what we want.

Get that look for any event. Step to impress knowing that you and you alone are stepping into that event with the one and only HOTT OFF THE RUNWAY look. They carry from professional, casual, semi-casual, formal or mix and match from a whole range of outfits for any occasion and reasonably priced brand name clothes from Ann Taylor, White House Black Market and Casper just to name a few, if you have not heard of these names, well I can tell you, the feel of the fabric gives you that support and the right fit.

Accessories, footwear (in only leather) are also available. New shipment of handbags just in time for Christmas, so no more of I wish I could get thatů, or Googling and notice that Micheal Kors handbag, well now you can walk into work with your Colehand on arm.

So ladies where is this dream store that I speak of? It is located at 101 Long Circular Road, St James where Tattoo Farm's old building was, but, 101 have been around since July 2011, they were previously located in Maraval. I asked the owner why Women's clothing? I was told; women have wanted and longed for the latest styles, high end fashion to make a statement at a reasonable price in comfortable surroundings, that Royal treatment, where everything is about HER.

No more running around, buying your shirt here, you skirt there, your bag over there, your shoes far down there and your accessories in the back of there. You get the most current and up-to-date things at 101 nothing is outdated.

Now, come on down ladies (in my Bob Barker voice) oh, wait guys you can come too. Hell Yeah! To get something for your mom, sister, girlfriend, grandmother and wifey.

Usually opening hours are Tuesday - Saturday 10 am - 6 pm, with Tis' the season for parties, they are opened Sundays 12 am - 5 pm and Mondays 10 am - 6 pm.