Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Brian McKnight for Ladies Night Out


special concert performer: Brian McKnight

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IN the decade since its inception the Ladies Night Out concert-party presented by Randy Glasgow Productions has evolved into a true national Carnival event. Now RGP is seeking to transform it into an international festival that will attract people from throughout the Caribbean, North America and beyond.

For LNO 2013 on January 25 RGP will present a special concert performance by American R&B artiste, Brian McKnight, the show that will feature top female soca artistes along with some of their select male counterparts.

McKnight will in fact deliver a specially choreographed performance in tribute to four women who are being honoured on the night by RGP for their accomplishments and respective contributions to soca music. The women, Denise "Saucy Wow" Belfon, Destra Garcia, Fay Ann Lyons and Nadia Batson, will be serenaded by McKnight who will also make special presentations to them.

McKnight has expressed that he is very excited to be here during the Carnival season as he has heard a lot about it over the years. He also said he has very fond memories of the last time he was here some years aback when he performed at the Queen's Park Oval alongside Lionel Richie. McKnight has agreed to plug the show and Trinidad Carnival in all his interviews and appearances leading up to his visit.

RGP is seeking to promote Carnival through this and future events for which specially selected artistes from North America and other countries will be brought in to perform. The idea is that when these artistes speak of their experiences here at Carnival they will encourage people to come down for the experience themselves. Plans are afoot to bring in some much sought after international artistes for other RGP events during C2K13.

In the coming weeks RGP will reveal the full line-up of bands and artistes who will perform at LNO, which will as has become tradition feature a large food court offering a wide selection of culinary delights from the island's top chefs along with a bar featuring not only premium alcohol, but also a selection of natural fruit juices and more.