Sunday, February 18, 2018

Coca-Cola Christmas Caravans roll


CHRISTMAS MAGIC: The Coca Cola Caravan is on the move.

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Coca-Cola invites you to experience the magic of Christmas this weekend as the Coca-Cola Caravans make it out to your hometown. Coca-Cola will be lighting up the streets of Trinidad by creating one of the largest and most iconic caravans that this country has ever seen. The Coca-Cola Christmas Caravans will feature a convoy of trucks all wreathed in the light and spectacle of the holiday season. Indeed, a true sight to behold.

On Friday, the first caravan rolled through North West Trinidad from Macoya to West Moorings and Diego Martin including downtown Port of Spain, St James and Ariapita Avenue. Yesterday the caravan went through North-East Trinidad from Macoya to Sangre Grande and back. The next area will be Central Trinidad, and the Caravan will spread the festive cheer from Macoya to Freeport on December 7th.

The last stop on the Caravan trail will be South Trinidad where the Caravan will start in La Romaine and pass through Debe, Penal and Woodland on December 8th.

Each caravan will begin its journey at 6 p.m. and reach their final destination at 10 p.m. Just follow the lights. Look out for the Coca-Cola Christmas Caravans this weekend as they spread the magic of the holiday season wherever they go.