Thursday, January 18, 2018

Discovering The Art Of Boscoe Holder


Exhibition Manager, Jayson Maharaj, and Amanda Laurence from the United Nations Information Centre for the Caribbean Area.

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Nicole Dyer-Griffith, Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Communications.

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The Curators (Chad LR Allâin and Adrian James) of the Upper Room Art Gallery at Top of the Mount, Mt St Benedict, St Augustine recently dedicated the exhibition Boscoe Holder—Life Drawing, the Artist's Male Studies—comprising paintings and drawings and sketches. The dedication ceremony was the Gallery's contribution to the UN General Assembly proclaiming 2011 as the International Year for People of African Descent.

The collection of about 50 artworks forming this exhibition is from a larger collection of some 265 pieces currently under the care and management of the Upper Room Art Gallery as custodian for the collection.

At the formal dedication ceremony, addresses were delivered by Amanda Laurence, National Information Officer, United Nations Information Centre for the Caribbean Area; Professor Rhoda Reddock, Deputy Principal of the University of the West Indies, St Augustine Campus; Nicole Dyer-Griffith, Senator and Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Communication's acting on behalf of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Communication Dr Surujrattan Rambachan; Jayson Maharaj, Exhibition Manager and curators of the Gallery, Adrian James and Chad LR Allâin.

The occasion was attended by a diverse cross section of the national population including academics, artists and art enthusiasts.

References were made by Professor Rhoda Reddock to a commentary and critical review made by Rennelle White, about the exhibition. White is a Gender Studies and Cultural Studies graduate of UWI.

The Upper Room Art Gallery has planned a series of events to highlight Boscoe Holder's significant contribution as an artist and cultural icon. An exhibition of select pieces from his collection is expected to be convened at the UWI, St Augustine Campus. Also the Gallery intends to gift the university with a digital copy of the complete collection for posterity and academic purposes. The Gallery is also working on a publication of an illustrated book and a selection of the artworks presented in a traveling exhibition.

The collection of the artworks by Boscoe Holder is considered significant not only because they are from lesser known artworks by the artist but also because they reveal valid insights that touch on history, race, gender, creative arts and critical thinking among many other discourses.