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San Fernando hospital.

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1595 Sir Walter Raleigh encounters "Anaparima"

1792 San Fernando is christened

"San Fernando de Naparima"

1818 Fire destroyed the entire city

1845 Arrival of SS Lady Mc Leod.

1853 San Fernando elevated to a Borough

1854 A wooden Town Hall Erected.

1864 Arrival of Canadian Presbyterian Missionaries

1866 First oil well drilled in San Fernando

1870 First sitting of the Supreme Court in San Fernando

1871 Opening of a Mission School on Cipero Street by the Presbyterians

1872 Opening of the Susamachar

"Glad Tidings" Presbyterian Church

1880 Visit to San Fernando by Princes Albert and George

1882 (a) Rail service between San Fernando and Princes Town


(b) Hosay Massacre at Mon Repos.

1896 Borough lighted by kerosene lamps.

1898 Telephone system installed

1912 Formation of Naparima Girls' High School.

1919 Opening of Carnegie Free Library

1922 Formation of a branch of Coterie of Social Workers.

1923 Borough received electricity

1924 New Fish Market Built

1927 Salvation Army Hall opened on Coffee Street.

1928 New Abattoir opened.


1930 (a) Gift of Skinner Park given to

San Fernandians

(b) First bus service inaugurated in the Borough.

(c) Boundaries of the Borough

extended. (d) Laying of the corner stone for new Town Hall. (e) Supreme Court Constructed

1931 New Town Hall opened

1932 Dedication of Susamachar Presbyterian Church.

1939 Construction of the Mon Repos Housing Scheme.

1940 (a) Construction of San Fernando By Pass (b) Construction of Grant Memorial School

1948 San Fernando born Rodney Wilkes, national weightlifter and T&T first Olympic (silver) medalist.

1952 The statue of Mahatma Gandhi was brought from India and erected on Harris Promenade

1955 New Hospital officially opened in February

1956 Building of Pleasantville Housing Estate

1962 Opening of Naparima Bowl.

1966 Chinese Community of San Fernando presented The Library Clock to the People of

San Fernando.

1975 Construction of San Fernando Boys RC School.