Thursday, December 14, 2017

Going Urban In The Savannah


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Post-Carnival boredom and looking for something to do? Why not make your way down to the Queen's Park Savannah for Show&Tell Urban Heartbeat, a collaboration between the German Embassy and Abovegroup Ogilvy on March 29. The venue for this Show&Tell will be the East Wall of the Grand Stand in the Savannah, starting at 7 p.m.

"Urban Heartbeat An artistic encounter in public spaces" has been initiated by the Goethe Institute in Mexico City and is touring Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean from February through March.

Following a Street Art contest, nine local winners from Trinidad and Tobago will paint an amazing mural at the East Wall, Grand Stand, together with German artist Jim Avignon. Painting will start on March 27 and run until March 29.

Jim Avignon is a contemporary German artist, designer and musician. Throughout the 1990s, Jim exhibited in a variety of underground galleries in Berlin and Frankfurt.

He began concentrating on music but designed his record covers, flyers, posters and backdrops for his shows. Avignon has made live paintings in a number of venues including the Institute of Contemporary Art in London.

He is a prolific, provocative and highly original artist who has published a number of books. Over