Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Jazz After Carnival


OLDIES: Theron Shaw and Relator.

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ON THE DRUMS: David Richards performing at the event.  

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Martin's Piano Bar on Woodford Street, Newtown, Port of Spain was rocking with jazz and calypso on Thursday night as the Theron Shaw Project, Raf Robertson and Relator performed classics in both genres of music.

The evening kicked off with Shaw doing two folk songs "Apres Carnival" and "Mango Vert" and immediately one felt the soothing sounds of the guitar working its way into one's soul.  The lanky guitarist continued with one of his own compositions "The Sojourner" before he introduced pianist Robertson.

Together the strings and keys de-lighted the audience with Ras Shorty I's "Endless Vibrations". With David Richards on drums and Rodney Alexander on bass the music just continued to evolve.

Robertson's next number was Clive Zanda's "Fancy Sailor" but it was his introduction to Andre Tanker's "Forward Home" that took the prize of the evening. Richard's role on this song was critical and he held his own, reaping applause from the audience.

They continued with "Emancipate" before taking a break for refreshments.

The second half of the programme belonged to Relator who joined The Theron Shaw Project to engage the audience in singing. From the start with "My Pussin" to "Gavaskar" and "Hold On to You Man", it was as if a 70-voice choir was singing in the background.

Relator asked anyone in the audience to request a song and immediately a female voice shouted "Portrait of Trinidad". Relator thanked the lady for choosing such a good song and proceeded to sing.

Once again it was Relator and full choir as he performed, he even called the lady who requested the song to sing the third verse and she obliged.

Relator was pleased with the performance and spoke about calypso then and now, "I not knocking the calypsoes of today but they just can't match those of long ago."

He continued with "Mopsy", "Belmont Jackass" and a medley of Blakie and Terror songs. He also did one by King Solomon before doing another requested song in "Chinese Sydrome".

Relator told the young lady who sang with him that there was another patriotic song called "God Bless Our Nation" and proceeded to perform it.

The evening seemed endless but Relator finished his set and thanked Martin's, the committee who put the show together, the musicians and the patrons for making it such a grand show.

He finished off with "Sly Mongoose".