Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Misbehaving At 'Different 10'


Fay-Ann at Fire fete. —Photo: Anisto Alves

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Three-time Road March Queen, Fay-Ann Lyons promises an "extra special performance" at this Sunday's tenth annual edition of Kairi People's "Different" all-inclusive event.

The "Miss Behave" singer was the first artiste to endorse and perform at the inaugural event held in 2003 and has returned to perform every year since, in spite of other pressing commitments and a rigorous festival schedule in general. Lyons said that while the event has shown consistent growth over the last decade, it is still one of the smaller more intimate events in Carnival and thus, very close to her heart.

"Everyone knows I like to big up the 'underdogs' and the 'small man' – as we say," she explained, "because those are the people who stay close to the ground and make a solid foundation for those who have to rise to higher heights. In providing premium goods and a quality service at an affordable price, Kairi People have always catered for those who do not have the typical all-inclusive money and I respect them for that and will continue to support them wholeheartedly."

Today Kairi People will celebrate their tenth anniversary at a spacious new five-star venue as they transform the poolside arena at the Hilton Trinidad Hotel and Conference Centre into "Kairi Kourts". Known for being one of the most affordable all-inclusive events on the Carnival calendar, limited advance tickets remain priced at $350 with a plethora of premium beverages available for consumption, including: Black & White Scotch Whiskey, vodka, rum, wine, Heineken and an unlimited supply of Baileys Irish Cream for the ladies.

The Different 10 food court will feature an array of delectable delights, including the main meal of Richard's bake & shark, as well as wings and fries, geera pork, buffalo wings, corn soup, fish broth, doubles, roti, burgers and a few more surprises this year.

Performing alongside Fay-Ann Lyons will be her husband, Bunji Garlin, as well as Dexter "Blaxx" Stewart and a few other surprise guest artistes.

DJs Franco and Ezel & John Boy will administrate the pre-recorded music during the night, as Hans Des Vignes hosts the proceedings in fine style. There will be security for parked vehicles and all parking areas will be well-lit and patrolled regularly as is the norm.

"I am not saying this because of my involvement with this party," said Kairi People Committee Member, Dexter Charles, "but the vibe at Different is special because we create a very intimate interaction with the entertainers and our audience is always comprised of very nice people all just having a good time. As we celebrate our tenth anniversary, we just wish to thank all our hard-working staff and committee members who make it possible, the artistes who support us and give us their time and energy on a day when most of them would prefer to rest ahead of the busy Carnival week, the sponsors that fuel us and make it all happen and of course, the patrons and fans who support us and continue to make this event special and different every year."

For more on "Different 10", please call Richard at 795-3838, Sheppie at 789-0159 or Beve at 786-1457.