Friday, February 23, 2018

NACC To Host Top 20 Calypsoes Award Ceremony

The National Action Cultural Committee (NACC), producer of the Young Kings and the Veterans Calypso Monarch Competitions, has announced the TOP 20 2012 Calypsoes. These were selected by an esteemed panel of judges. The awards for these calypsoes, which will be performed by the artistes who rendered them, will be presented at the 25th Annual Top 20 Calypso Stars of Gold and Calypso of the Year Award Ceremony on December 29, at the Ballroom, Cascadia Hotel, St Ann's at 7.30 p.m.

The list in alphabetical order of the selections is as follows: "Advice in Song" Dexter Parsons (Stinger); "Against All Odds" Karene Asche; "Bacchanalist" Kerwin Du Bois; "Diary of A Madman" Henson Wright (Calypso Prince); "Doh Force Meh Hand" - Michael Osuna (Sugar Aloes); "Don't Complain, Come Plain" Brian London; "God is Ah Trini" Winston Scarborough (De Fosto); "How's Dat" Hollis Liverpool (Chalkdust); "Long Live Calypso" Kurt Allen; "Mothers and Others" Lesley Ann Ellis; "Sat's Philosophy" Morel Peters (King Luta); "Single Forever" K I Persad (KI); "Snapshot" Devon Seale; "Stand Up and Be Counted" Stephen Marcelle; "The Adjective" Heather Mac Intosh; "The Hunt is On" Duane O'Connor; "The PP" Donric Williamson (Funny); "We Want Something" Anthony Emrold Phillip (Bro Valentino); "Where Are We" Patrick Lewis (Mighty Diamond) and "Woman" Lornette Nedd-Reld (Fya Empress)