Monday, February 19, 2018

Reporting from Tobago

I joined the CCN Group as a Tobago-based multimedia reporter on February 1, 2006. Writing for the newspaper was a challenging experience at first as my background was in television, not in print journalism. Before I joined CCN I was employed as a presenter and news reporter at Tobago’s Channel 5 TV station, having relocated from Trinidad where I was born and bred—in San Juan, to be precise.

Today, after six years as an Express reporter, I must say I have grown as a journalist. Working and living in Tobago as an Express representative has been a fulfilling experience as I shoulder the responsibility of covering the news as it happens in the sister isle.

It is vital that the views and concerns of Tobago’s people are highlighted in the paper. That is what I try to do, putting emphasis on events and issues as they relate to Tobago. The voices and views of the people of Tobago need to be heard, and I strive to reflect this in the news and feature stories I write for the Express.

Before my mother died in 2009 I learned that she wanted to work in the media. She eventually became a teacher, retiring as principal of San Juan Girls’ Government School, which I attended. Today I can stand proud and say I am living her dream, and I am happy to do so.

Seeing my name on the front pages of Trinidad and Tobago’s leading newspaper is a big personal achievement. Seeing photographs I have taken published in the paper also gives me great satisfaction. It is proof that hard work pays off. I work long hours at the paper’s Tobago desk to bring all the news from the island to Express readers wherever they are—in Tobago, in Trinidad and abroad via the paper’s website on the Internet.

I am thankful to my companion Jeffery and my daughter Reziel, for being there for me especially when I have to work very late hours. I must express my gratitude to CEO of CCN Shida Bolai and Editor-in-Chief Omatie Lyder, for putting their faith in me. I also thank them for their patience.

It was always my dream to work with the CCN Group. That dream has become a reality but sometimes I still cannot believe it. However I try to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground; I take my good fortune one day at a time as I continue to strive for excellence.

Young people who may be interested in journalism need to understand that while from the outside looking in the media looks glamorous, it is a lot of hard work. They can be assured, however, that hard work brings success and of course results, as the Express continues to be the number one newspaper in the country.